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The true magic of marketing lies in the hands of visionary leaders, not just in the strategies and tactics they employ.

- Veronica Romney

I'm Veronica

Master Marketer, Executive Leader, OG Rainmaker

I have been both a Marketing Rainmaker for some of the biggest online personalities & brands in the world and the former Director of Marketing for a $2B evaluated corporation. I’ve seen what it takes marketing teams to succeed in generating revenue consistently (and what makes them crash and burn).

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Stepping into leadership isn’t for the faint of heart.

It’s a gladiatorial arena, an unceasing battle against time, expectations, and the pressures of creating impact. For Marketers at every level, the leap from being a Marketer to becoming a Rainmaker – a master of self, team, role, and influence – often feels like an impossible task. That’s where the Rainmaker Podcast comes in.

Each episode is filled with genuine, unscripted conversations with marketing trailblazers from every corner of the business world – helping you overcome burnout, stand out in your profession, and make it rain for your companies, clients, and yourself.


Looking for a speaker for your next event?

I help established brands leverage the psychology of novelty so they acquire new customers faster.

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Identity Marketing

by Veronica Romney

We are facing a global identity crisis.

People are desperately searching for a sense of self amidst political turmoil, online echo chambers, and fragmented communities.
And brands that can help their customers define who they are will have a unique ability to seize market share and create a legion of passionate, eternal fans who see your brand as an integral part of their very own identity. 

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The ultimate haven for Marketing Leaders who are ready to immerse themselves in a world where marketing and leadership collide in the most epic way. Each issue serves up unfiltered conversations and in-depth analysis straight from the marketing industry’s finest minds, spiced up with the juiciest bits from cutting-edge trends, and captivating case studies.

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