Stand Out.

Eliminate the Noise.

Make a Real Connection.

Veronica Romney teaches audiences how aligning their brands with their customers’ aspirations creates lasting relationships.

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The Real Enemy to

Standing Out

If there’s one thing entrepreneurs need to know about standing out in the digital world, it’s this: It isn’t about what you’re saying–it’s about what your customers hear.

If your event’s audience isn’t aligning their brands with what their customers truly need–what they aspire to–all of their marketing, branding, and communication is just NOISE that gets them nowhere.

I want to help your attendees bridge the gap between their brands and their customers. I call it building a Core Connection™.

Whether in keynote speeches or breakout sessions, I’m committed to giving audience members real, actionable tools to help them bridge that gap and create lasting, powerful connections that will build the business they’ve always dreamed about.

As Seen in...

Inspiring. Empowering. Actionable.

As a keynote speaker, I strive to inspire, but I live to empower. Whether your audience needs help with branding, marketing, sales, or communication, my ideas and strategies to align their authentic brands with their customers’ aspirations will help them bridge the gap between what they’re saying and what their customers hear.

I’ll help you take your event to the next level with actionable advice so that come Monday morning, your audience won’t just be inspired--they’ll have a toolkit of strategies they can implement that day.

Level Up Your Marketing with a Core Connection™

My breakout sessions are aimed to help attendees connect to their consumers in a real way.

I teach entrepreneurs, leaders, teams and companies to power up their marketing by aligning their brand to their consumer’s aspirations--creating powerful connections and loyalty.

With the key strategies they’ll learn in my sessions, they can turn knowledge into action and see incredible results.

Connecting Brands and Audiences

Whether I’m behind a microphone recording a radio interview or podcast, writing on a whiteboard in front of a classroom, or typing a blog post on my laptop, I want to help your audience learn the tools to elevate their marketing, branding, and communication.

Let’s explore how identifying and bridging a Core Connection™ will enable your audience to expand their influence and create a loyal customer base.