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20 Years of Franchise Marketing with Mary Mills, VP of Marketing at College Hunks Hauling Junk

What are the key elements to successful franchise marketing, especially when dealing with the expectations of hundreds of business owners? Today I had the privilege of interviewing Mary Mills, Vice President of Marketing for College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving. With over two decades of experience in franchise marketing, Mary shares the intricate challenges of managing the expectations of more than 200 different business owners. We explore her successful strategies for building strong relationships with franchisees and the pivotal role of effective communication in this dynamic environment.

Mary also opens up about her career-defining moment and the invaluable impact of mentors on her professional journey. Join us as we gain valuable insights from Mary’s wealth of experience in franchise marketing and leadership.

Learn more about Mary:

Mary Mills brings a wide range of Marketing expertise and entrepreneurial understanding to her role as Vice President of Marketing at College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving. Mary was previously at United Franchise Group, where she was responsible for the marketing programs of existing brands such as Signarama, Transworld & Fully Promoted and was responsible for launching new brands such as VentureX & The Great Greek restaurants. Her expertise has been recognized in the franchise industry and in the broader business community. She was honored to be among the 50 Franchise CMO’s who are Gamechangers for Entreprenuer Magazine, is a recipient of the prestigious Stevie Award, recognizing her achievements as a woman executive and has also been honored as an outstanding Woman in Business by the South Florida Business Journal.

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