3 Things Speaking Around the World Has Taught Me About Marketing Yourself

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3 Things Speaking Around the World Has Taught Me About Marketing Yourself

I’ve had the opportunity to speak at conferences, company events, and in classrooms around the world, from where I’m based here in Florida to Sydney, Australia and everywhere in between. No matter where I end up doing my thing, there is one question I get asked again and again and again: How do you market yourself?

1. Network, Network, Network

Before I was speaking at events and conferences, I was attending them. I had to work my way up the food chain just like everyone else, but there are ways to fast track the process. The first lesson I’ve learned about marketing yourself is that networking is everything. Whether you’re attending or speaking, it should be your number one priority to meet people, talk to everyone, and most importantly, ask them about themselves.

A trick I’ve learned along the way is to take the time to research (okay basically stalk but research sounds less creepy, right?) the people you want to meet. Before an event I connect with them on social media, engage with them, like their posts, etc. By the time we met face-to-face, I had already established a bit of a relationship and could say something like, “Hey! It’s Veronica from twitter, we had some good back-and-forth about Facebook Advertising.” Believe me, this is SO much more effective and concrete than simply walking up and saying hello.

One of the best ways to market yourself is to pay more attention to others. Real connections will boost your career, whatever path you find yourself on.

2. Take Chances

Yes, it is nice to get an email or call requesting you as a speaker, special guest at an event, or even offering you a job or promotion, but it doesn’t always happen so easily. The second lesson I’ve learned is when you’re marketing yourself, you are the one in charge. If there’s something you want, go for it. Once. Twice. Maybe even ten or twenty times. No one is going to know who you are or what you want if you don’t tell them.

My secret here is to find people who have done what you’re hoping to do and ask them how they found success. As I became friends with more speakers, I would ask them to recommend me as a fellow speaker, and they did. It was especially valuable for me as a woman trying to break into the arena of public speaking that is still heavily male-dominated to reach out to and connect with other women speakers.

Do you think there’s no way a brand would partner with you or a conference would want you to speak? You’ll never know until you try–and those real connections that you make are sure to benefit you when you do.

3. Follow Your Passion

I’m good at what I do because I talk about things I love. The last, and possibly the most important lesson I have learned is that people want to see, hear, and follow genuineness. Opportunities open when people see me in action, because they know I really care about what I am sharing. I found something I’m passionate about, I put in the work, and it pays off.

When you decide to build and market your own personal brand, finding something that truly drives you makes all the difference. Passion allows you to be real, be honest, and be open. My best advice for being genuine is to tell real stories, share real struggles, and relate real things about your experiences. Connect with emotion and tell your story because when you ask others to share theirs, they will, and that’s when true relationships are made.

Choose something you’re passionate about and tell your story. I promise that you can do that better than anyone else.

Need an extra push?

If you haven’t quite nailed down your passion or are unsure how to ask for what you want, I have good news–MyModernBrand is here to help. From free personal branding resources to one-on-one consulting, we have options that can help you learn how to market yourself like a pro. Trust me: been there, done that. Feel free to shoot me any questions (or stalk me 😉 ) on Instagram (@themodernmami) or Twitter (@vromney). I look forward to hearing from you! – V

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mmb_dev3 Things Speaking Around the World Has Taught Me About Marketing Yourself
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