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I’m Veronica

I’m a full-time online marketer, wife, mimi of two, and Florida native. I’m the oldest daughter of Cuban immigrants who built and continue to run a 30+ year business – living their American Dream. There is never enough hours in the day but nothing makes me happier than a crisp sparkling water, a hot bag of popcorn, a good tres leches, and a nighttime book reading with the boys.

Over ten years of experience in the digital marketing industry has made me quite a nerd. You name it, I’ve done it – SEO, Paid Search, Corporate and Personal Branding, Website Design, Email Marketing, Reputation Management and more. And when I wasn’t working for someone else, I still pursued several side hustles through some crazy multitasking skills – balancing baby bottles or managing one of my online businesses.

And even though I founded my own digital marketing agency, increasing a company’s online presence is not the same thing as building a person’s brand. As my corporate life came to an end, I found that my own brand had been neglected. Venturing out on my own with my own name was a scary and exhilarating pursuit – an endeavor that has led me to create MyModernBrand in an effort to help you do the same. As my personal brand grew, my friends and trusted colleagues wanted to do the same. There was a gap in reliable resources to help someone brand themselves the right way – the digital way. MyModernBrand is here to educate you on how to create and enhance your online brand identity. Utilize our free resources to jumpstart your personal brand towards reaching your lifelong ambitions.


“In today’s world, let’s work smarter, not harder. Let’s cut through the noise together.”


This starter guide will entrench you in building your personal brand – one step at a time.

Speaking to an Audience of You

From Boca Raton, FL to Sydney, Australia and everywhere in between, I’ve traveled the globe carrying out my passion for online marketing and personal branding. Through my speaking engagements, I’ve empowered individuals and businesses alike to connect with their core market and harness their potential.


Free Resources

tailored to you

My focus is on you. My steadfast commitment centers around empowering your brand to showcase what makes you extraordinary. The branding resources offered at MyModernBrand are personalized to match your desires and help you reach your aspirations. Even better – they’re completely free. Following our personal branding formula, we’ll set you up for success in the online world.

Since you’ve made it this far, I hope this marks the beginning of our relationship. Stay connected with me through social media, blogs, email series, and more where you’ll get the latest inside scoop on how to build your personal brand to its peak.

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