Best Week Ever

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Welcome to the 53rd edition of From V to You, a personal letter from me to you each week where I take you behind-the-scenes of my own business + brand-building efforts so you can grow your business too! If you’ve missed my previous letters, you can always read them here.


What a ride! What a week!

How do I even begin to summarize one of the most rewarding weeks of my life?!

Just look at these comments!

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As many of you know, I’ve been hosting a free Back-To-Biz-School Series in my Facebook Group this past week, and the sheer number of student breakthroughs is overwhelming! (still time for you to join us + watch!)

I am SOOO proud of my students who took this journey with me and have grown 20ft tall in their businesses in just the last couple of days.

It honestly blows my mind, ESPECIALLY considering I wasn’t even planning on doing this! 

None of this was on my radar until August 5th!

Looking back, I can see how the inspiration came about…

It was a perfect storm of me trying to get my boys back to school and watching some of my favorite entrepreneurial friends fall short in their execution despite having invested in highly reputable online courses and personal development conferences. If the kids were going back to school, clearly our businesses needed to too. And not just any school…no no.

This had to be a different kind of school—the kind with a teacher who was going to PUSH them to GET THINGS DONE.

I got riled up thinking my own community was sitting at home with new skills, knowledge, and the ability to explode their businesses, BUT they still haven’t finished their…

  • digital product
  • rebrand
  • lead-generating download
  • coaching program (the kind they convert to an online course)

NOT on my watch! ⌚️

I looked in my Asana this morning, and the very first task I added for this effort was on August 5th. That means in less than 20 days, my amazing designer and I completed the following:

  • New Facebook Cover Photo
  • New 11-Page Workbook (probably one of my best ever)
  • 13 New Social Post Graphics
  • Workbook Download Landing Page + TY Page
  • New Product in Kajabi
  • New Sales Page for the Get-it-Done Incubator (TY Page too)
  • 2 New Remarketing Ads

That’s on top of all the emails, sales copy, teaching, and other content needs I also had to write to put this together.

Was it work?

Of course!

But I was LASER-FOCUSED, and it came together fast because I was crystal clear on what I had to make to produce the results my students needed desperately. It’s amazing what clarity can evoke in you and your business!

Tomorrow is the last day of the series, and all the videos come down Tuesday morning, BUT some of my students have chosen to continue their journey with me and their peers in the Get-It-Done Incubator (starts September 1st at 12pm EST).

I cannot wait to help them hatch their ideas into life-changing realities! 

We’re going to spend the entire month working 1:1 on their perfect product and the exact marketing roadmap for them to launch it successfully!

ROI? Yes, please!!

This is an accelerated program, but so will be their results.

I liveeee for this kind of work!!

I’m such a high-achiever and love getting things across the finish line. That is my superpower for sure, so for me to be able to use it and help 8 (currently) deserving entrepreneurs do the same – absolute JOY!

If you are interested in joining us, you have till Monday at midnight to join us by clicking here.

If you still want to talk about it with me and see exactly what we’d work on together, you can schedule a 1:1 call with me by clicking here.




Ps. Join 8 INCREDIBLE entrepreneurs and me in a very intimate and results-oriented Incubator on September 1st! Launch your idea into a reality that sells with us! Join today (opportunity closes Monday at midnight!)

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