Biggest Mistake You *Might* Be Making

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Welcome to the 5th edition of From V to You, a weekly letter of love, inspiration, tips, tricks, and behind-the-scenes of how I’m building a business around my personal brand so you can too. If you missed my first letter and start, you can always read it here.


Hey… So we need to talk about something that really messes people up. It looks something like this:

And we’ve all done it!

But just because most of us have, and most people will continue to put marketing efforts before their branding efforts, it doesn’t make it right.

“How do I know if I’ve done this already Veronica??”

Signs you’ve put the cart before the horse and started executing marketing strategies before your brand was fully flushed out:

  1. You’ve had to pivot your brand and its messaging since you started (Looking at that Instagram handle I’ve changed 3x)
  2. You thought you were clear on your business model and now you’re not so sure (“I can do things for people on the side”…hello never-enough-clients)
  3. You started by serving one kind of customer/client/follower but then you said yes too many times to people that weren’t exactly your ideal (hey! to be fair – at least they paid and it was money to grow the empire after all, right??)
  4. You go through the never-ending cycle of INSPIRED > STAGNATION > LET’S DO THIS!! > WHAT AM I DOING?! (*sigh* yup)
  5. You poured your heart into that website, that email, that Instagram feed, that online course, that Podcast, that pitch, and now you’re feeling discouraged because it’s not exactly connecting or producing as you had hoped (I thought people would be lining up to have me help them…)

Branding is the Oxygen to Your Marketing Fire

Listen, everybody has gone through some degree of marketing heartache. Whether it’s already happened or you’re scared of those things happening, marketing ourselves authentically when we haven’t clarified our brand is a painful process. And worst of all, it makes you doubt that you have what it takes to stand out amongst the world’s noise. So hear me loud and clear – YOU DO HAVE WHAT IT TAKES

You just need to clarify your brand and its message

It’s not the best products or people that make it. It’s, unfortunately, those that can communicate more clearly that win. Don’t allow yourself to get lost in the hustle and lost in the pursuit of your dreams because you haven’t been given the tools, techniques, or formula to define your brand so well that you can confidently build your life and/or a business on it.


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I promised you when I started this newsletter that I was going to help you succeed in your personal branding efforts. It’s what I feel called to do because I genuinely believe great people deserve to stand out and be seen, heard, and have meaningful impact. When you succeed, those counting on you succeed. I know what that feels like and I’m not leaving your side until you’re ready to be that help for someone else.

Until next Sunday,


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mmb_devBiggest Mistake You *Might* Be Making
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