Brittany Ratelle: The Legal Journey As Your Brand Exposure Increases

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Worried about crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s as your brand is growing? Today I’m joined by Brittany Ratelle, an attorney for creators and online business owners, and she shares with you how to protect you and your business legally as your brand exposure increases. We discuss a handful of different legal do’s and don’ts in today’s episode, sharing the common pitfalls that happen throughout the growth stage and what you can do to prepare yourself for the future.

Whether you’re in team expansion mode and you are wondering how you should legally classify your team that is helping you expand your business, or curious at what point you should trademark the ideas you have, we touch on so many areas in this episode. From how to manage the legalities behind business partnerships, Instagram giveaways, and the confusion behind the terms, to working with affiliates and how to protect your brand and educate your affiliates on how to use the assets correctly, you’ll leave with a notebook full of areas you might need to tidy up in your business. And if you’re a team member or looking to work with a brand with high exposure we cover how to protect your brand and previous work inside of your employment contract.
Brittany shares that you should set up your business as if you’re building an empire to last (even if this isn’t in the roadmap) to ensure you’re protected as your brand exposure increases.

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Brittany Ratelle is an attorney who helps creators and online business owners become more confident entrepreneurs. She has helped hundreds of founders protect and grow their brands and has worked with the Bucket List Family, Blogilates, Sharon Says So, Glo Atanmo, Jordan Page, Ashley Lemieux, Cake by Courtney, Kelsey Nixon, Six Sisters and others.


With a background in PR, marketing, and law, Brittany helps modern entrepreneurs navigate the digital landscape without losing their minds (or sense of humor). She believes in the power of cute office supplies AND good contracts and hosts a weekly podcast, Creative Counsel for Entrepreneurs, with business tips and inspiring founder stories from successful creative entrepreneurs. Brittany lives with her hunky husband and four kiddos in her beautiful hometown of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho but helps clients all over the US. She also runs an e-commerce shop selling DIY legal resources called Creative Contracts.

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mmb_devBrittany Ratelle: The Legal Journey As Your Brand Exposure Increases