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Building a Dream Marketing Team in a Uber Regulated Industry with John Huntinghouse

Step into the world of marketing strategy and innovation with John Huntinghouse as we unpack their experience navigating the challenges of an uber-regulated industry. John, who comes from this challenging sector, shares his refreshing approach to building and leading successful teams, offering practical insights that defy industry norms.

We discuss how he overcomes regulatory hurdles to foster creativity and collaboration within his teams, challenging conventional thinking along the way. John shares his journey of finding a brand voice and reveals intentional strategies and mentorship moments that helped him break free from conformity and authentically amplify his brand’s message.

This discussion not only highlights the importance of authenticity in marketing but also provides actionable advice for marketers aiming to navigate similar regulatory landscapes. Tune in to discover firsthand experiences, valuable lessons, and actionable strategies that promise to inspire and empower your marketing efforts.

Learn more about John:

John Huntinghouse is an award winning, VP of Marketing for TAB Bank. John has over 16 years of executive marketing experience, an M.B.A. from the University of Utah and has taught over 500 students at various colleges and universities and currently teaches at Weber State University. He loves spending time with his wife Kara, and his three kids Maya, Mason & Aubrey. He is a lover of all things pasta, the 49ers & anything that Ed Catmull writes.

Connect with John:

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