Can’t See My Label Through the Jar

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Welcome to the 12th edition of From V to You, a weekly letter of inspiration, tips, tricks, and behind-the-scenes of how I’m building a business around my personal brand so you can too. If you’ve missed the previous letters, you can always read them here.


I was on a phone call two weeks ago, lamenting cause I was struggling with a new keynote idea that I couldn’t untangle properly in my mind when my phone call recipient said something that perfectly expressed what I was feeling! She said:

“Oh! I get it. You can’t see your label through the jar”

Yes! Yes! Yes!

It is SO easy for me to help my consulting clients untangle their ideas and thoughts to make their marketing messages clearer and their brand position stronger, but sometimes I’m incapable of doing it for myself. Why?

Well, I can’t see myself from the outside. None of us can. We’ll never be able to see ourselves from a balcony perspective because we’re too far down in the trenches of what we’re doing.

Reaching Out for Help

So what do you do when you get stuck?

  1. Find a GUIDE. Someone who has the authority AND empathy to help you get closer to your goals and aspirations. I rather ask or pay for help to get me unstuck quickly vs. banging my head for weeks, months, or years. Not when I could have been making faster and more efficient strides towards my personal goals and aspirations.
  2. SPECIFIC Skills. Rarely do you ever find everything in just one expert/coach/consultant. Don’t go to a generalist. Go to a specialist. What is your specific struggle right now? I’m sure there’s a list of things you could use some assistance with but what’s the most important and the one most upstream in your path? For example, you probably want help in some of your marketing execution but is your brand’s message as tight and concise as it could be? Pinpoint that specific pain and find that specific help.
  3. Connection MATTERS. In order to really be helped, you have to be honest about the depth of your struggles. Sharing your fears or frustrations with someone isn’t easy unless you feel like you can truly trust them. I rather work with someone who might have 10 years of experience vs 20 if I feel like I have a better connection with them. Like they really “get me.”

Just An Email Away

If you ever get stuck and need help in your branding and marketing efforts, I’m just an email reply away. There are a thousand things I’m not the best at but when it comes to helping you define, build, and market your personal and company brand, this is all that I know how to do. And helping my branding family and my clients is MY WHY.

Until next Sunday’s letter ?



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mmb_devCan’t See My Label Through the Jar
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