Does a Personal Brand Really Start with Social Media?

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Even if you have an established career, personal branding plays a vital role in confirming yourself as a thought leader and it can be used to expand your promotional opportunities. If you think about it, this type of branding starts with social media. It’s really only been in the last 5 or so years that influencers and thought leaders have taken the stage. In a world where people spend hours each day on their phones checking and updating social media, making sure that your personal brand shines on those platforms is key.

Building a Personal Brand: The Who, What, Why, and How

Just like a business’ success is influenced by its branding, your success is impacted by your personal branding. Who are you? What do you stand for? When people think of you, what skills do they think of? Do most people even know what you do? You will notice as your brand improves and you start achieving higher levels of success, your standards for everything else in life will improve too. It’s a cycle in which you continue to push yourself further, which is an excellent and valuable cycle to be in.

Many people think building a personal brand starts with showcasing the credentials they hold, but this is only a piece of the personal brand pie. Everything about you builds your personal brand, and your credentials, as impressive as they may be, are not a great way to set yourself apart from the competition because there are likely many other professionals who possess the same degrees and certifications.

Knowing How to Build a Personal Brand on Social Media

Knowing how to build a personal brand is the first step in setting yourself apart from the competition, and it cannot be stressed enough that your personal brand starts at a very young age, especially if you have social media profiles. This is why you should frequently refine your profiles on various social media platforms. As you grow older and mature, you will get a better understanding of what a professional social media profile should look like.

Your personal brand on social media is more about your personality than anything else. You are highlighting what it is about you that makes you unique from the others who hold the same credentials. Most importantly, you are building a brand around a self that knows how to deliver on your promises. And ultimately, your personal brand details how you can enhance the culture of any potential companies you are seeking employment through.

When you use social media to build a personal brand, there are several tips to keep in mind. First, you’ll want to join groups that are relevant to the field you work in. If you’re a nurse, you’ll need to search for industry groups relating to nursing, and you’ll need to share your experience with group members to build authority around your brand.

It’s also vital to ensure your image from one social media platform to the next is consistent with your personal brand. In doing this, you are maintaining control over the perception employers develop of you as they look at your various profiles.

And lastly, you must stay engaged on social media in order to build a respectable personal brand. The more you engage, the more you expand your opportunities to showcase yourself as a thought leader. According to a Community Manager with Salesforce, Tiffany Hsu, “Showing that you’re responsive, engaging, and human will do wonders for your brand.”

What are you doing to build a personal brand on social media?

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mmb_devDoes a Personal Brand Really Start with Social Media?
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