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Dr. Greg Bottaro: The Visionary CEO Mind & All Its Parts

Do you feel like there’s a constant battle inside of your brain with the different thoughts and feelings you’re having? Today I’m joined by Dr. Greg Bottaro, a Catholic psychologist, who is going to talk us through the internal dialogue of a CEO at different stages of business growth.

Dr. Greg discusses how we have different parts of ourselves which each individually have their own feelings, and past experiences, and they can take lead or sit in the background and stay quiet at times.

I share my struggles with being a Visionary and still wanting to be a Rainmaker and how Dr. Greg helped me through this in today’s episode. We discuss what it feels like as a Visionary and being afraid of not being your true self, afraid to share your vision so as to not scare your team away and the struggles of believing you can do it faster as the Visionary but still knowing you need the help of your team. Dr. Greg walks us through how to navigate your mind as a Visionary and why it’s not just about how we manage the stuff up on the surface but about realizing there’s a lot of stuff under the surface, in our minds, too.


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Greg Bottaro, a Catholic psychologist, is the director of the CatholicPsych Institute and the CatholicPsych Academy. He developed the Catholic Mindfulness online course. Before getting his doctorate, he spent four years living as a Franciscan friar, serving the poor in the tradition of St. Francis.


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