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Emily Reagan: Marketing Rainmakers vs Unicorn Assistants

There are a lot of titles in the industry, and we understand that it can feel overwhelming to know which title and role you need to fill for your business. In today’s episode, Emily Reagan explains how she landed on ‘Marketing Assistant’ as her title as she initially struggled to define how she assisted Visionaries.

We compare the difference between Marketing Rainmakers and Unicorn Assistants and explore the point in your business where you would consider bringing on a Rainmaker to support the Assistant and relieve them of the duties that the Rainmaker should be fulfilling.

Emily shares a typical day for a digital marketing assistant on behalf of an organization. I clarify what a Rainmaker does to help you understand the differences between these two team members. Then, we outline a Frankenstein role and how to avoid creating a role like this in your business by setting your team members up for success and getting the most out of them.

If you need help determining what level of support you need in your business, listen to this interview as we help you identify which team member you need so that you can understand who you might need to hire to help support your marketing growth.

Learn more about my guest:

Emily Reagan is a jill-of-all-trades when it comes to digital marketing and techie skills. She’s worked as a behind-the-scenes digital marketing implementer working with many creatives and furniture painters: Jennifer Allwood, Tracey Bellion, Miss Mustard Seed, Wendy Batten, and more, to grow their online businesses. She’s the founder of the Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School, where she teaches women the digital marketing skills to get hired online as an in-demand, highly sought-after unicorn digital marketing assistant.

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