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Gabrielle Laura: How an Intuitive Channeler Can Help CEOs Trust Their Gut

Have you ever felt hesitant about working with an intuitive channeler? Today I’m talking with Gabrielle to discuss the world of intuitive channelling and how it can help Visionaries connect with their higher selves, intuition, and spirit team to manifest abundance. In this episode, I express my curiosity and hesitation about working with someone like Gabrielle, an intuitive channeler. Gabrielle emphasizes the importance of operating with integrity when working as an intuitive channeler and shares her thoughts on how some people in this field lack integrity.

We delve into the common roadblocks that high-achieving female CEOs face when it comes to their intuition and self-worth and how working with an intuitive channeller can support them through this. Gabrielle reveals her approach to helping clients find their own answers by tapping into their intuition and empowering them to trust themselves.

Tune in to this thought-provoking episode to explore the world of intuitive channelling and learn how working with an intuitive channeler can help you trust your intuition to manifest abundance and achieve your goals.

Learn more about Gabrielle:

Gabrielle Laura is an intuitive channeler who helps entrepreneurs tap into their intuition so they can manifest more. Gabrielle’s gift is her ability to channel what’s manifested for people in their lifetime and the exact resistance that’s preventing that manifestation from coming forward. Through EFT tapping, somatic work, channeling, and meditation, Gabrielle can help her clients release their resistance making them wide open channels for their manifestations.

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