Are You Struggling To Grow Your Business?

Without the right people in the right seats, you’re going to continue struggling to achieve more because…

No — you do not have to “burn it all down” to finally feel free again. Building a team that complements your unique strengths as a visionary is absolutely possible, but it’s impossible to read your own label through the business jar you’re inside of.

I’m Veronica Romney

Founder + Master Team Architect at MyModernBrand™

And I work with visionaries struggling to get their teams dialed in. 

I am an Integrator personality to a T, and I love managing people. I’ve also been in the online marketing world since 2008, most recently working behind-the-scenes as a speaker, trainer, Director, and Chief of Staff for brands such as Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Pete Vargas, and BossBabe.

I’m the overlap between art and science in the online marketing world. A “Marketing Integrator” that can show you HOW to achieve your WHY while still honoring the leader that you are.

How We Create a Core Connection™

How We Love Serving You

Find the alignment in your branding, marketing, and sales efforts by tapping into one of the most powerful drivers of customer action – aspirations.

Turn your To-Do list into a Done list by joining a hands-on implementation workshop where you can execute your strategies by the end of the day.

Build momentum in your business by adding a coach who will teach you how to implement new marketing strategies month-over-month for new levels of growth.

Compress decades of strategy into days by joining an in-person mastermind where you’ll network, partner, and accelerate your impact because of the collective genius of those in the room.

Why This Work Matters So Much To Us:

I’m so blessed to have found Veronica Romney!  She has been and continues to be instrumental in the development and marketing of my brand, Dr. Sylma.  Veronica understood my brand vision from the very beginning.  She laid out in detail the branding roadmap, which included the vision, strategy, look, voice, build and launch of Dr. Sylma.  Her experience is invaluable, and her dedication and integrity in everything she does make her one of the best in the business.  I look forward to continuing working with Veronica because, with her guidance and expertise, the sky is the limit for Dr. Sylma.

Maria Tweed MD., Founder of Dr. Sylma Co.

Why This All Matters:

I continue to be amazed by the hard work and dedication you have shown me. You are a role model for your peers and a rare find in a world that is seemingly more and more filled with individuals who lack a strong work ethic and the professionalism you have shown me throughout our working together. Before our discussions, my personal brand was something I was building through word of mouth. You have shown me how to exponentially grow my audience and subsequently those whom I am able to inspire and uplift. My mission is now clearer and my brand is now more able to achieve it, all thanks to you. I look forward to our continued work together and am excited for what lay ahead. Thanks a million!

Claudio Sorrentino, CEO of Body Details

Why This All Matters:

Veronica completely changed how I see branding. From the moment she stepped onstage, I had “Aha” moment after “Aha” moment. I’ve already started implementing the takeaways from her workshop in my business with my own clients. Personal branding can feel overwhelming and Veronica breaks it down into easy-to-implement action steps with so many inspiring examples I can’t wait to start using in my business. Thank you, Veronica! You’ve given me enough juicy branding goodness to last for years!

Rachael Kay Albers, Founder of RKA ink

Why This All Matters:

Here’s the thing about having success. You have to have good people in your corner. They have to believe that what you’re doing means something, and they have to believe that you can do it while staying true to yourself. Working with Veronica gave me the freedom to say “I’m gonna do what I do, and it’s going to attract the people that want that.” Having the courage to do that is hard to find, but it’s been easier with this company in my corner. I’ve done the work (and it’s taken WORK), but they’ve been the cheering section and encyclopedia along the way.

Emily Gibson, Creator at Imagine Plexus

Why This All Matters:

I am writing this because of the superb responses we have received from Veronica and particularly how she has been assisting us with our branding. What you did in assisting us with LinkedIn was above and beyond our scope of work but tremendously helpful – thank you.

Jonathan Louis, CEO of Association Specialty Group

The #1 reason people become entrepreneurs is to gain their freedom. Financial freedom, freedom of choice, and freedom of time so they can build a better life for themselves and their loved ones. But freedom often comes with sacrifice. Sacrifices that keep us away from our families and feelings of despair experienced along the emotional journey of creating anything great. Your business should not only help your customers achieve their aspirations but you should be achieving your own too. Now is your time to love your business, love your customer, and love your future.

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