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How To Heal Your Marketing Burnout While Still Performing At An Elite Level To Pay The Bills With Ash Burnside

Ever wondered how marketing professionals navigate the daunting challenges of burnout and imposter syndrome? Join me as I sit down with our special guest, Ash Burnside, a coach in The Rainmaker Residency™. She candidly shares her battle with burnout and imposter syndrome, shedding light on the daily struggles marketers face.

As I engage in a heartfelt conversation with Ash, we embark on a journey through her process of self-discovery, exploring the profound transformation from her marketing career to finding her zone of genius. With remarkable candor, she shares her experience of unearthing self-worth and emphasizes the pivotal role of championing and empowering fellow professionals along their career paths.

Throughout our discussion, we delve into common challenges that marketers often confront – from surmounting confidence hurdles to mastering decision-making and time management.

This episode magnifies the essence of resilience, self-identity, and fostering self-esteem within the dynamic realm of marketing. Join us as we navigate marketing pathways and unveil strategies for a thriving professional journey.


Learn more about Ash:

Ash Burnside is more than just a burnout coach and resilience trainer; she’s lived through her own debilitating, soul-crushing burnout and emerged transformed. With a unique holistic approach, she goes beyond the typical advice of ‘scale back and self-care,’ targeting the root causes of burnout to help clients reclaim their lives, careers, and sense of Self. From saving jobs to dismantling imposter syndrome, she’s empowered individuals to live more aligned, fulfilling lives.

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