I Disappeared

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Welcome to the 54th edition of From V to You, a personal letter from me to you each week where I take you behind-the-scenes of my own business + brand-building efforts so you can grow your business too! If you’ve missed my previous letters, you can always read them here.


POOF, where’d I go? If you’re an OG around here, you know I’ve been sending out weekly letters each Sunday for over a year…

Well, up until August 30th.

This is my first From V to You newsletter back and maybe my last. 

“What happened, V? Why??”

Because things got CRAZY busy!

Starting in…

August, I launched my Get-It-Done Incubator, and it was a huge hit! I personally mentored 16 businesses the entire month of September through a complete incubation process from IDEA to REALITY! One of the most rewarding things I have ever done!

veronica on zoom meeting

September, I spoke on stage for the FIRST TIME since COVID stopped the world from turning. I am HOME when I’m on the stage – period.

veronica speaking on stage

October, I launched Double Duty Mama™, and it’s literally changing lives, marriages, homes, businesses. I partnered up with parenting and communications expert Pat Quinn to slay the enemy of guilt for working moms, and it’s easily the proudest thing I have ever made. Why? Because it’s a solution to my own six-year struggle – being a mom + boss.

double duty mama

November, I hosted my first ever Branding Workshop in Raleigh, North Carolina! A 3-day, in-person workshop with 10 of my students who have become my best friends. This is the pinnacle of my business dreams.

And finally, this week, I found out that out of the 400-500 students in my marketing certification class, I’m within the first 20 to get TRIPLE THREAT certified!

Strategic Offer Building + Direct-Response Copywriting + Experience-First Design Work = Certified Master Marketer!!!

This certification took me SIX months, HOURS of training, 3 DETAILED exams, and one CAPSTONE final project.


Those are the TOP highlights since August, but there were THOUSANDS of things in-between! I have never been busier and more fulfilled in my life!

So where do we go from here?! 

2021 will be ALL about HUMAN CONNECTION for me!

If this pandemic has shown me anything at all about what you and I both need most is that we are in desperate need of 1:1 time together.

More eye contact.

More heart-to-heart work.

So as much as I love this weekly newsletter, I’m choosing to communicate in the MyModernBrand Facebook Group as my weekly way to talk to you. Why?

Because you can see me, and I can see your faces, comments, families, life – not just your email addresses.

I’ve also decided going into 2021…all roads lead to intimate workshops and spaces for me and you to work together.

Let’s build your product TOGETHER!

Let’s brand yourself TOGETHER!

Let’s work TOGETHER instead of in isolation while you’re trying to fight off a million distractions (I’ve seen you on Zoom ;).

Join me in making 2021 the year we CONNECT!

Next year is our year! Together!




Ps. You still have 15 days left to register for my 2021 ROADMAP-TO-SIX-FIGURES LAB on December 8th! You do NOT want to miss this financial roadmapping experience!

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mmb_devI Disappeared
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