I’ve become obsessed

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Welcome to the 44th edition of From V to You, a personal letter from me to you each Sunday to help you achieve your aspirations. All things branding, marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, and the balance between wanting and having it all. If you’ve missed my previous letters, you can always read them here.


How are you, my dear friend??

Me? I have a new problem I need to overcome…

I’ve become obsessed this week. Absolutely obsessed 🤣

I launched a funnel for the first time in a brand new software I’ve never used, and I’ve been in it all day, every day. Watching the stats change, watching users interact on the page, testing different audiences on Facebook, testing diff versions of the same page, etc.

It’s been so bad that I’ve been waking up somewhere between 4am and 7am all week with an immediate idea that I HAVE to implement and try like these:

funnel design

I have SO much to share with you, and there’s NO way I can do it in one email so I’d like to invite you to join me on Wednesday at 3pm EST for my next Core Connection™ Coaching session where I will break down what it takes to create a low-ticket offer that you can use one-off or in a funnel like I did. I’ll also show you how I ran my funnel test so you can be successful in yours in the future.

You might have a couple of questions, so let me answer them:

  • Q: What is Core Connection™ Coaching?
    A: It’s my monthly group coaching session I offer to my students to teach them HOW to execute a new marketing skill that will generate new income in their business within the same month I teach it. I have been executing marketing strategies for over 10 years and don’t have the capacity to do it 1:1 anymore, so this is how I am able to share the same knowledge and tactical step-by-step breakdown for you.
  • Q: What is the cost of CCC?
    A: You have two options. You can join me as a monthly subscription for $47/month OR you can join for just one session a $97 one-time payment. Right now I’m running a promotion that if you sign-up for a monthly subscription, I’m waiving the first 30 days, so you get your first session for free.
  • Q: How does this differ from what I might learn on YouTube or elsewhere?
    A: It’s what I AM doing to grow my brand and business. It’s a non-filtered, behind-the-curtain look into growing an online business in 2020 as a young, ambitious woman who doesn’t have a team of 20+ people to execute for her. It’s what you can do as a company of one.
  • Q: How does my teaching compare to other influencers?
    A: It’s worth mentioning, what you see on the internet is heavily filtered to show, more often than not, a dishonest portrayal of success or ease of obtaining success. That is probably the most frustrating thing about the “influencer” world. Launch one course and make a million….launch a podcast and be top 20…create a funnel and join the double comma club…batch 3 months of social media posts and grow your following 10x…It’s NOT true. I have seen with my own eyes the financials of big “influencer” launches and it makes me sick to my stomach. You will find none of that in my coaching now or ever.
  • Q: Can I take a peek at what the coaching is like?
    A: Yup! Click here and go towards the bottom of the page to see about 17 minutes of April 2020’s coaching session. I show you my own Facebook ads and start talking about my own outbound podcast email scripts to land more “virtual stages.”

If you have any other questions, please let me know. Happy to answer 🌟

See you Wednesday!


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mmb_devI’ve become obsessed
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