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About the Interviewee:


Cristy runs Happy Family Blog, which is an extension of her life. Coming from a corporate background, where her typical work week was anywhere from 80 to 100 hours, she decided to take her life into her own hands once becoming a mother. Being able to maintain her career while being the mother she wanted to be was a huge pivot point in her life. Her personal brand is an ode to celebrating life each and every day.

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What motivated and inspired you to focus on your own personal brand?

My daughter, B, inspired me to start my own personal brand. Before starting Happy Family Blog, I worked for a marketing firm.  My typical week included working 80-100 hours. I was a workaholic who joked about delivering B in my office, so I could keep working. Once she was born everything changed. I wanted to continue to have a career I loved, but I wanted the flexibility to be able to be the mom I wanted to be…  including being the homeroom mom, doing pick up, and volunteering at school as needed.


Tell us what you believe your personal brand stands for:

My personal brand is all about celebrating life every day. Even during hard times, there’s always something to celebrate… and spending time together as a family always makes everything better. 



Why do you feel having a personal brand in today’s world is crucial?

Having a personal brand gives you the flexibility to turn your passions into a career. The process of creating one is so rewarding… as you get to know yourself better.  


Where and how did you start your own personal branding journey?

My dad always says that if you love what you do for a living you will never have to a work a day in your life. So, I started by identifying my personal passions. I thought about what I would want to do if money was of no concern. From there, I worked to determine how to monetize those passions and build an audience who had similar goals.  

What early wins did you experience in your personal branding endeavors?

I did not tell anyone except my family and closest friends about starting Happy Family Blog.  One day I logged into my google analytics and thousands of people were reading my blog. I realized that creating an audience was not only possible… but that it was happening!


What mistakes did you learn the most from in your personal branding endeavors?

I initially compared myself to other bloggers I admired. I forgot that we all have different goals, different amounts of time invested, and we were at different parts of the journey. I have grown to understand and appreciate that comparison is the thief of all joy.  

Best and worst advice you’d give to our readers wanting to GROW their own personal brands and followings:

My best advice is to never compare yourself to others. Also, to build relationships during the process. I’ve actually met some of my favorite friends through blogging. It’s been the best surprise in this whole journey. Celebrate the little wins, and focus on your passions and what makes you happy. Being authentic is essential to your success.  

Any books, podcasts, courses, authors, or resources that you’d recommend to our readers?

I just started listening to podcasts during my morning walks and I am totally hooked. My favorites include Jenny Melrose and Blogger Genius Podcast. They’re both successful bloggers who I definitely admire. They both have been so helpful whenever I reach out with questions. And far as podcasts go, they have such relevant topics and amazing guests.

Who inspires you? Anyone in particular you follow or admire with their own personal branding endeavors?

I have so many people that I follow and admire that it’s hard to list them all. Jessica from Celebration Stylist and Julie from Crowning Details are two friends who I met through blogging who inspire me every day. They are open, honest, and working hard to grow their businesses while juggling being fantastic moms too.

How did you stay motivated through difficult times or moments of self-doubt?

I stayed focused on the positive things. For the first year, I didn’t make money… It was stressful, but I focused on how I got to be home and doing fun things with my daughter that I wouldn’t have had time for otherwise. 3 years later, B loves being a part of the blog. She gets as excited as I do (sometimes even more…) for some brand partnerships.

Are you currently running any promos, contests, giveaways, etc that you would like our readers to know about?

I have a giveaway coming up shortly to celebrate my 3rd year of Blogging!


Any final wisdom or insight you’d like to share with our readers?

I want to make my personal account more about mom life and start sharing with everyone but I’m a bit terrified about not being private…

This was actually one of my biggest challenges. I have a couple of rules I put into place for safety:

  • I never post a photo that I would not want posted of myself.
  • I never post a photo or talk about where my daughter goes to school.  
  • I try to wait to post from events after we have already left so that people don’t know where we are.
  • I also use a nickname for my daughter instead of her given name when I post about her.  
  • If someone makes me uncomfortable I immediately block them, no questions asked.

I understand that some may not understand my caution, but keeping my family safe is my number one priority as a mom and when you put yourself out there online like I do, it never hurts to go that extra mile.

How did Cristy and Happy Family Blog affect the way you think about your own Personal Branding experiences? We’d love to hear from you on Social Media! Thanks to Cristy and Happy Family Blog for giving us such clear insight about their brand! 

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mmb_devInterview with Cristy from Happy Family Blog
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