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Jill Stanton: How Her New Business Healed Past Trauma

Have you ever wanted to get out of the weeds of one business and start a new one? In the first episode of The Rainmaker Podcast, Jill shares with us about the different successful businesses she has run over the past ten years, what it was like working alongside her husband and how Millionaire Girls Club went from an idea on the back of a moped in Bali to the successful relationship focused business it is today.

We discuss when Jill truly felt like this idea was in alignment and how she knew that Millionaire Girls Club was the next step for her by listening to her human design. She opens up to discuss about her past trauma surrounding female relationships and how her new business has allowed her to heal through this emotional experience.

Whether you’re wanting to scratch the itch of a new business idea or are desiring to realign with your values you’ll hear how Jill has crafted Millionaire Girls Club to be her dream business. From how the idea came to life, to the importance of having an intimate team of A-players, Jill shares how being intentional about how to scale and lead her new business compared to her previous ones has helped her success.

Resources Mentioned:

A Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Learn more about my guest:

Jill Stanton is the Creator of Millionaire Girls Club where she hosts ultra luxe retreats for women entrepreneurs who are making $1M+ and are craving wild expansion and deep connection with other powerful women. When she’s not CEO’ing she can be found hangin’ with her husband Josh and their little guy, Kai at their home in the Cayman Islands.

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