Lacking Clarity?

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Welcome to the 51st edition of From V to You, a personal letter from me to you each week where I take you behind-the-scenes of my own business + brand-building efforts so you can grow your business too! If you’ve missed my previous letters, you can always read them here.


Ohhhmmmyyyggoooddnneesss am I excited to share this with you!

I am taking you and your business back to school on August 24th!

Back-to-Biz School

Let me explain…

COVID kind of ruined so much for so many in the business world but do you know who THRIVED during this time??

Online businesses, education, and work-from-home opportunities!

It’s unbelievable how much growth online educators/teachers/providers/marketers have been experiencing over the last couple of months.

But I still see a HUGE problem even amongst my own MyModernBrand family members!

Too much education, too little execution. 🤯

Lots of opportunity, but little clarity on what YOU should be doing. 😰

And it’s not your fault!

Education overwhelm is a real thing!

But this can’t happen on my watch. My superpower is getting things done, and it’s my mission to make sure you do too.

Look, the truth is there has NEVER been a greater time in history to go all-in on launching and scaling your online business, but it’s not going to happen for you if we don’t get crystal clear on some things first.

⚡️What is your personal brand?

⚡️What product should you sell?

⚡️What makes you and your product different?

⚡️Where does your offer fit in your overall business strategy?

⚡️And how the heck are you going to get people to know about you and your product?

I’m going to answer all of these questions and MORE in a FREE “Back-to-Biz-School” Workshop series I’m hosting August 24th through the 28th in my Private Facebook Group, and I want you to join me!

Join hundreds of entrepreneurs and me as we ZERO in on what you need to do, so you can have the clarity to make the decisions necessary to grow your business! 😉

Register for this free workshop series by joining the MyModernBrand Family Facebook Group:

This is going to be SOOOO good!!!!!

xo V

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mmb_devLacking Clarity?
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