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Looking for something? I’ve put together an easy-access media kit packed with images, my bios (long and short), and a few intro music suggestions. Everything you need to promote one of my speaking gigs, workshops or business events. 


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My Bios

Download my short and long bios below for your promotional use.

Short Bio/Introduction

Veronica Romney is a 12-year branding and marketing veteran who combines both vision and execution when working with some of the world’s most respected brands including Sprint, Marriott, IMAX, Dr. Weil Vitamin Advisor, and more. Even more than that, she is a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, and an advocate for the you who wants more but doesn't know how. She is the Founder of MyModernBrand, a branding and marketing education company that helps great people and great companies clarify their brand message, find their unique brand voice, and market themselves authentically. When she isn’t busy wrangling a business and two kids, she is an in-demand international Tony Robbins/Dean Graziosi speaker with topics including branding, marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, self-education, knowledge business, and more. 

Long Bio

Veronica has always held vision and ability to execute as equally important parts in her approach to digital marketing and brand development. In her twelve years of industry experience, she has worked with world-renowned brands including Sprint, Marriott, IMAX, Dr. Weil Vitamin Advisor and many more in their pursuit of growth, clarifying their brand message and finding their unique voice.

She is the founder and CEO of MyModernBrand, a branding education company that helps individuals and companies clarify their brand message and better understand who they are and how they can best serve the world. Standing out in the digital space feels nearly impossible today, but Veronica helps brands find the necessary tools to do just that in the most authentic way possible.

As an in-demand Tony Robbins/Dean Graziosi speaker, she commands an audience of any size with topics including, but not limited to, brand storytelling, digital marketing, personal branding, social media marketing and female empowerment. In addition to her professional accolades, Veronica has also been featured on Forbes, HuffPost, Hubspot and Search Engine Journal, just to name a few.

When she isn’t building empires, running masterminds, consulting with clients or speaking to an auditorium filled with like-minded entrepreneurs, she is balancing her job as a wife and mom to two young boys. Her personal and professional life is an example of her service-driven heart regardless of the task at hand.


(I treat every event as if it was my own and offer my help to promote)


  • Customized speech blurb for promotional use.
  • Optional 3- to 5-minute promotional video for the event.
  • Social media promotion on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • Guest appearance on the event’s blog, podcast, and/or video series.


  • 45-, 60-, or 90-minute keynote (and any Q&A the audience desires).
  • Guest appearance on expo floor podcasts or video interviews.


  • Full slide deck for attendees to access.
  • Optional event review (post-event video or written testimonial).
  • Speaker suggestions /referrals for the next event.
  • Veronica’s email for attendee Q&A follow-up.

Intro Script & Music

"Our next speaker comes to us from the sunshine state of Florida. She has impacted the marketing and branding efforts of some of the world-renowned corporate brands and most well-respected personal brands such as IMAX, Marriott, Dale Carnegie and Dr. Weil Vitamin Advisor, just to name a few.
You may have seen her featured in a number of prestigious publications including Forbes, HuffPost, Hubspot, Search Engine Land and more. When she's not speaking on stage, consulting with clients, or growing her marketing education company, she's wrangling two small man cubs and balancing the tightrope of being a full-time mompreneur. Please give a big, warm {Insert event name here} welcome to Veronica Romney!"



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