Natalie Gingrich: Why You Shouldn’t Hire Your Mini Me

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Wondering why turnover is still really high with new hires even when you’re being smart about it? Listen to this week’s episode with Natalie who shares how you’re setting your new hires up for failure without realizing it and how you can make the shift to hire effectively.

Natalie and I discuss how we all would love to have another version of ourselves inside of our business, but she shares that as a solopreneur you are wearing 7 different hats whilst also being extremely overworked, so you can’t expect to find a hire that can fulfil all of that. And even worse planning to hire someone to work a Frankenstein role will only end up with them being torn apart as your business grows. So Natalie explains how to find that perfect new hire and what that role might consist of.

Plus don’t miss out on Natalie sharing how to find your dream job title, match it with your skill set, and secure the job by being prepared in the interview inside this week’s episode.

Learn more about my guest:

Natalie Gingrich is the founder of The Ops Authority, where she certifies and mentors women who leverage their natural skillset of operations and administration. She’s driven to help women earn an income with ease while doing what comes most naturally to them.

She spent 15 years in corporate operations and leadership. Her entire professional life has been built around human resources, project management, process development, and people leadership. Natalie ended her corporate career as the Chief of Staff for a Fortune 150 CEO. With legacy being her driver and her kids getting older, Natalie left corporate America in search of balance. She matched her drive, leadership, and operational skills to create her own business.

In her first 3 years of business, Natalie scaled dozens of online and small businesses to 7 and 8 figures, worked alongside industry icons, and developed diverse teams. She merged her corporate career with her entrepreneurial learnings to create the Director of Operations Certification Program, the only strategic operations certification for leaders.

She continuously pours into operations experts on her weekly podcast, The Ops Authority.

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mmb_devNatalie Gingrich: Why You Shouldn’t Hire Your Mini Me