No More Testimonials Please

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Welcome to the 9th edition of From V to You, a weekly letter of inspiration, tips, tricks, and behind-the-scenes of how I’m building a business around my personal brand so you can too. If you’ve missed the previous letters, you can always read them here.


Today’s topic was inspired by one of my individual consulting clients last week. We were in the process of wireframing their new homepage and one of the managers in the room asked me:

“Does our website need testimonials?! Because I hate seeing testimonials!”

Hmm…you know what?

Sometimes I hate them too.

Especially the ones you can tell are fake and/or scripted. In fact, media outlets have reported that up to 70% of online reviews are FAKE, and Amazon has sued more than 1,000 third-party fake review sites to date.

So no testimonials? How about this…

Give me Transformations, not Testimonials

We ALL have a human desire and need to transform. To change, to be better, to evolve, to progress. I know what my normal is right now but I want a new normal. A better version of myself, my business, my relationships, my outward appearance, etc. That’s why we rush to the gym on January 1st and we go to personal development conferences and we invest in things to help us TRANSFORM. 

If we can participate and faciliate the transformation of our customers/clients/followers/employees, we can create brand evangelists and advocates for our missions.

Helping Others to Aspire for More

I need you to ask yourself these questions:

  • Who does your   (the person you’re serving)   want to become as it relates to your services/products/software/knowledge?
  • What is their normal and the new normal you can promise them?
  • How do they know that they have “arrived”?

For example, in my business I take brands and businesses that are in a constant state of ambitious frustration and I help them become modern success stories through my education, consulting, and marketing services. Hence my company names – ModernMarca and MyModernBrand. It’s this simple:

  • From: Ambitiously Frustrated
  • To: A Modern Success Story

Show me a page on your website that is FULL of transformations, not testimonials, and you’ll have me at *hello*.

What is your brand’s transformational promise?? Email me ?



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mmb_devNo More Testimonials Please
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