Host Veronica Romney brings the truth and transparency we all need when it comes to leadership, team management, burnout recovery, employee conversations, exit interviews, navigating pivots, company culture, and marketing strategy for one purpose only: to empower leaders, teams, and dreams.

After personally working with some of the biggest online personalities like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, BossBabe, Pete Vargas, Jordan Page, and more, Veronica is vulnerably sharing her most hard earned lessons, insider tips, and top strategies attained throughout 15+ years in this wild online marketing world.

Throughout the show, she’s joined by your soon-to-be favorite guests as they share the heartfelt, the cringe, and the most profound shifts that have helped companies transform from trying to stay afloat to stepping into their fullest potential with a team to celebrate with. have the vision of WHERE you want to go and WHY, but you’re constantly anchored by the WHO and HOW.

If you’re asking yourself…

How do I build a business without having to be the only one thinking about making money for it?

How do I let go of the reins when I’m still the face of the brand?

How do I retain world-class talent that doesn’t eventually leave me to do their own thing?

How can I step up as a leader when I still sometimes question if I’m really cut out for a 7+ figure business?

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