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Ready to Make It Rain Like
You’ve NEVER Experienced Before?

(with the trainingcoaching, and close-proximity transformation you NEED to make it happen?!)

For Visionary CEOs + Their Marketing Leaders

Rainmaker Residency™ Plus

For Ambitiously Frustrated Marketing Leaders

Rainmaker Residency™


Ready to Transition from the Full-Time Marketer to Full-Time Founder of Your Own Business?

It’s time to train your marketing replacement by learning how to let go,
level-up and empower your trusted team member to make it rain for you…


Perfect For:

“Your program is phenomenal. The leader is splitting their time between leading, growing, scaling, and doing the marketing activities. And at some point. I’ve seen it in my own business. I need to hand over the marketing so I can get in deeper to protect the brand at all costs to protect the team and grow my team. Operation leaders long for a counterpart with as much passion, skill, knowledge, and experience on the front side of business. We do want that best friend on the other side.”

Natalie Gingrich

“I always knew that marketing was a thing that I couldn’t do forever and I needed to get off my plate. I just didn’t know how. And this seemed like the perfect opportunity. So I’m able to do more of the visionary stuff. Just knowing that the marketing doesn’t all fall on me anymore opens up my brain space to do the bigger things. I’ve had a call this morning – a call with a big company who wants to sponsor my program and be a big part of that. These are things I couldn’t have done if other stuff wasn’t taken off my plate.”

Julia Taylor

“I want to tell you from day one meeting you I felt HELD. Like you were going to tell me what I NEEDED, and not what I “think” I needed. I highly respect that. You have compassion and “oh I’ve been there. I feel you.” AND let’s go! Leadership. Content wise. Gets to the point. What is NEEDED. I understand it. I don’t feel overwhelmed. Even if it’s unknown or new, the feeling of being seen, heard and supported is sprinkled everywhere. I haven’t experienced this a lot in masterminds!”

Heather Chauvin


Ready To Transform From Burned Out Marketer To Sought-After Marketing Leader With the Multi-Six-Figure Salary to Match?

Regain control of your own marketing career, take your income into your own hands, and join a movement of marketing leaders stepping up their careers and lives.

Perfect For:

What's Inside...

Exclusive Rainmaker Community Access:

Dive into a network of like-minded marketers, share insights, and grow together.

4 Pillars of Promotion™ Curriculum

A comprehensive, self-paced learning journey to help you master yourself, your team, your role, and your personal brand.

Expert Coaching Sessions:

Engage in weekly collaborative coaching with seasoned marketing experts, sharing insights, challenges, and solutions with peers.

Makin’ It Rain &
Brand It Up Retreat

Arrive as a marketing leader and leave as a brand in a one week intensive that focuses on your role and personal brand.

“Working through the Rainmaker Residency™ has given me so much clarity on what I should focus on in my position and has given me numerous tools to help me succeed in doing that. A highlight of this program is to get connected with other growth minded professionals. It is inspiring to be part of this group! The support I have received has been top notch. From tactical tools and tips to mindset coaching. This program has made a huge impact in my professional and personal life.

Hector Olguin

“Being newer to the marketing space, the training in the Rainmaker Residency™ has made me feel more confident on having conversations with my visionary to pitch ideas as well as get inside her head. I love the collaboration that happens amongst Rainmakers where we can lean on each other for support and ideas to grow our businesses. I’ve had lots of “ah-ha” moments through listening to conversations with other Rainmakers that we can switch up and utilize in our own company. Even though you’re surrounded with others from different spaces and types of businesses, the thought-partnership that happens in the room has really been beneficial for me. The Rainmaker Residency™ has provided me with the direction to push our business forward both long term and short term.”

Rayne Palmer

“Joining Rainmaker has given me the support I need within a community of like-minded peers. For starters, Veronica pours so much brilliance in every business development strategy you could ask of her. I have resources and a community to reach out to anytime we want to try a new strategy, calls that I can schedule for deeper marketing approaches, and Ash for always reading right through me and giving me organization tactics. Rainmaker Residency™ is literally a one stop shop for a wealth of knowledge to grow your career, but even better yet, an incredible community of people eager to help. They all have helped me try out new strategies and given brilliant feedback. Rainmaker is so much more than a mind-blowing strategy, it’s a fun, loving and inclusive community. I’m so grateful to be on this journey with them.”

Jenny Leavitt

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