How to Protect My Loved Ones When Opening Up As a Personal Brand

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Growing your reach, meeting new people, and helping your clients are what personal brands do best. But under that brand is a real person with a real family, including your spouse, kids, parents and siblings. As part of your family – and your heart – of course, you want to make sure that they’re always safe. But having a public brand can sometimes conflict with your family’s lives.

So how can you ensure your safety and your family’s with a personal brand?

Check out these helpful tips to protect your privacy while opening yourself up online for the world to love.

Protect Your Location

Now, we aren’t talking about high-tech security cameras and eye-scanning locks (although those are super cool). We’re talking about sharing information with your followers that may be just a bit too personal.

  1. Never reveal where you live on social media.
    This seems like common sense but you’d be surprised to see how easy it is to accidentally share where you live on social media. Follow these simple tips to avoid accidentally revealing where you live to bad actors.
  2. Never tag your home’s location.
    Your home is your sanctuary from the outside world. Keep your home’s address to yourself to prevent anyone with ulterior motives from knowing where you spend most of your time.
  3. Watch for hints in your pics.
    If you post a photo at home, make sure your picture doesn’t give away hints to where you live – including street signs, community signs, bills and other little things here and there that might go unnoticed.
  4. Accept packages through a P.O. box or alternative address.
    A personal brand is more than just a hobby, its a business! So, protect your safety and only accept packages from those you meet through your brand at a U.S. Post Office Box, UPS mailbox, or any other alternative address that keeps your privacy in mind.
  5. Make sure your domain registration is private.
    Believe it or not; if you own a domain, anyone can see your home location online. With one exception of course: private domain registration. All anyone has to do is look up your domain registry when you bought your domain to see the address that you inputted. This option is a bit more costly, however, its worth it. You should never compromise your family’s security over a few extra bucks, so make sure that your domain is registered privately.Pro Tip: If you buy your domain through Google Domains, you get private registration for FREE!
  6. Be very cautious when posting on social media about your kids.
    Rule number one: never share where your children go to school. Your kids have their own lives and their own expectations of privacy. Don’t interfere with your kid’s ability to have fun, relax and be a kid. Revealing sensitive information about your children, like where they go to school, can unnecessarily put them at risk. Always be careful about how you show your children on social media.

Know Your Limits

Your personal brand is an incredible asset to your life and your career. You should embody it, nurture it and reap the benefits. But never put your brand over your safety or the safety of your family.

Do you have a pro tip to protecting your safety online? Let me know on social media! Message me on Instagram @themodernmami and let’s start this important conversation!

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mmb_devHow to Protect My Loved Ones When Opening Up As a Personal Brand
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