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Each episode is filled with genuine, unscripted conversations with marketing trailblazers from every corner of the business world – helping you overcome burnout, stand out in your profession, and make it rain for your companies, clients, and yourself.

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Just Brilliant!
Amber Housley
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Veronica is a brilliant marketer and businesswoman and it’s so great to have access to her insights via this podcast. There are so many nuggets of solid gold wisdom in these conversations with some of the industry’s best and brightest business owners! Definitely a must listen for every business owner who wants to scale and make a bigger impact!
Excellent info!
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I love how Veronica’s mind works and am excited she’s sharing her next-level genius with us through this podcast! She is somehow both a high-powered industry leader and marketing expert while also maintaining a beautiful care and concern for the good of others. Looking forward to hearing more of what she has to offer!
Great marketing podcast
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Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. This is a great podcast to get actionable insights to grow your business with less stress!
Real stories & strategies? Yes, please!
Laura Sprinkle
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I love when there is real meat & you can tell someone actually knows what they’re talking about. That’s definitely Veronica — pure gold lessons. You can only gain those from being in the trenches experiencing & learning!
Thank you!
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This episode gave me the clarity I was looking for about making my next hire. I am grateful for your conversation with Emily Reagan! 🙌🏾
My favorite podcast for leadership growth
Joy Aleman
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Goodness, I love this podcast. So real, so educational, and constantly has me saying “WOW” out loud while listening. I have listened to every episode!! 👏👏
Must follow!!
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Veronica is the magician behind many online brands. I love the piercing questions she asks her guests and all the insights she shares with the audience. Loving all her guests so far, look forward to the next episode drop!
Actionable Insights from a True Expert
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There are lots of podcasts out there, so it’s a challenge to decide which ones are worth your time. This is 100% worth your time! Veronica and her guests share truly valuable lessons… lessons that take years to learn, so we can take years off our own journey to success. It’s real, it’s honest, and it’s massive value for anyone trying to build a business in this crazy modern world we live in today!
Super excited about this!
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I’m very excited about this podcast and have loved it so far! I run my own business and I feel like hiring is what’s holding me back and the next step I need to take. Looking forward to the guidance!!
Great Insights For Business Owners
Hector Olguin
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Right away I got solid insights on how to improve in building my business from business owners who have already done it! I am enjoying the pacing and flow of information. I love that there is no fluff! Looking forward to listening to future episodes.
Finally a podcast that feels good to listen to
Coach Arvin
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Veronica has such a brilliant perspective on building team, culture, and a business you love. I always get nuggets of wisdom every time she speaks. But what I really love is how much you can feel her heart whenever she connects with her audience which I find to be incredibly rare in this space.
Get ready - expand your vision!
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I have been personally and professionally helped by Veronica’s unique brand of genius. She dreams up things that no one else does, which is the mark of a true visionary, but she also has all the skills to execute her vision. Best of all? She had the passion and ability to teach this knowledge, and she does it in her inimitable way in these podcasts. Three cheers for Veronica - thank you for your open-handed, open-hearted approach to business!
Super insightful!
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I absolutely loved the interviews so far. It’s so fascinating to get a peek behind the scenes of businesses at the scaling stage.
Over the Top Value
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Veronica and her guest speakers make this podcast so valuable it’s crazy! They offer so much insight into that marketing world and one of the hardest parts of building a business- adding the right members to your team! I can’t wait to see what else comes next from the Rainmaker Podcast.
The most authentic & practical podcast for marketing leaders crushing it in the online space
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Veronica gives incredible insight into all things marketing and mindset for Rainmakers working behind the scenes of powerful visionaries in the online space. Her ability to create such a beautiful open dialog with visionaries and marketing leaders (rainmakers) is nothing short of amazing. Creating powerhouse duos is her specialty. She has such an amazing, unique, and highly valuable perspective as a Rainmaker from her experience working with some of the biggest names in the game. The guests that are featured on the Rainmaker Podcast are top experts in their niche! This podcast won't disappoint!
I am obsessed! So good.
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I honestly could listen to Veronica and these interviews all day! So informative and helpful for business, hiring, all the CEO things I need!
Veronica knows what’s up!
Jennette D
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The Rainmaker Podcast is great! V is brilliant, so real, and knows what she’s talking about. Only listen to this podcast if you want to be inspired, smile, learn, and grow!
Veronica is the real deal!
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Veronica is an industry leader! These podcast episodes and her expertise are what the online business industry has needed to hear for ages. It’s SO nice to see someone who has masterfully and artfully blended marketing AND team operations as a marketer first. She has unparalleled experience and you will not find anyone else like her!
Changes How You See Business
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Veronica is amazing! She makes order out of chaos. She creates beautiful, impactful, creative relationships between Visionaries and Rainmakers. The information in this podcast is next level and will change and elevate your business more than you can imagine. I’m not normally a podcast listener - but I am now!
So much value!!
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Veronica is the real deal! She is a brilliant mind that should be celebrated. Each episode is sure to bring massive value and tons of takeaways.
Hidden Secret Weapon
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I’ve worked with Veronica personally and can attest that her brain works different. She has some kind of mutant money-making, people-fixing, systems-seeing chip in her brain that just hits different. I can’t believe she’s giving away her genius for free in a podcast, but as long as she does, listen to it.


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