Reality has set in

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Welcome to the 35th edition of From V to You, a weekly letter of inspiration, tips, tricks, and behind-the-scenes of how I’m building a business around my personal brand so you can too. If you’ve missed the previous letters, you can always read them here.


Hey 😞

How are you??

Seriously how are you right now? How are you and your family doing in this health crisis? How are you holding up mentally?

Me…I’ve been much better.

I had every intention of sending you my letter yesterday, but then my 3 year old got sick with a bad cough… And it lasted all night…


My heart stopped.

Is this coronavirus???

He has reactive airways…crap crap crap.

So here’s what today looked like:

  • Teladoc call first. Doc suspects no coronavirus (he has no fever) but possibly pneumonia or sinusitis. Prescribes amoxycillin but still wants me to call the Health Department because I spoke at an event 13 days ago where someone tested positive for COVID-19 that attended a conference a week prior to me getting there.
  • Called Health Department. They will NOT test James for COVID-19 until he tests negative for the Flu first. Then if they do end up testing him for COVID-19, there is a backed-up queue so it will take 5-9 days to get those results back. And even if it came back positive, they can’t do anything for him so might as well keep him at home unless he needs hospitalization they said. Health Department recommends taking James to a pediatric urgent care to rule out pneumonia.
  • Called 3 urgent cares. Only one will see him with a cough, but I have to do an online check-in and fill out paperwork in my car because no one is allowed in the lobby. Doctors and nurses have masks and shields on – James is scared. James is finally assessed, his lungs are PERFECT, and he is diagnosed with bad allergies and sinus drip from the North Carolina pollen. Told to buy over-the-counter allergy meds, and after giving it to him, his cough disappears throughout the day – total relief.


All that for allergies, but I can’t even tell you the stress I felt the last 24 hours. And none of that had to do with my speaking business that has literally stopped overnight. Not to mention that we also got a text from the NC School Department, and school is now out till MAY 15. Let’s add that to the list.

Needless to say, the reality has certainly set in.

For me and I’m guessing also for you.

So why do I share this stressful personal story with you?

Because sometimes it’s ok to just sit in the suck. 

My inbox has been flooded with companies emailing me about their COVID-19 sanitation plans. Airlines are emailing me with credits – not refunds. And influencers are emailing me, pressuring me to stay positive and invest in their programs/courses/webinars because having a digital business is priority #1 and they’re the ones to show me how for $$$$ dollars…

I said this in my last letter, and I’ll say it again – now is NOT the time to pitch something.

Now is the time to serve.

This crisis will not last forever. Schools will open again. People will get to see each other face-to-face. Life will resume.


In the meantime, people’s mental health is at risk. Small businesses are at risk. Personal aspirations go from wanting more to just wanting to survive.

So if you really want to influence and lead in a time like this, help someone survive. That should be reflected in your marketing copy, too, by the way. Your job is to align yourself with your customer’s aspirations. And right now, their aspirations are changing – I can promise you that. So your marketing and services should re-align with them.

Let me end with this:

Tonight a little boy in our neighborhood turned 9 today.

He originally wanted to go to Red Robin for his birthday because he loves when the servers sing to him. That obviously couldn’t happen right now, so his mom texted all of us, and at 6:45pm, 20 loving neighbors showed up on our driveways and sang happy birthday to that little boy. His face…his mom’s tears. I’m getting choked up even writing this to you.

Now is the time to be there for each other like we were for him. Just small acts of kindness and thoughtful gestures that don’t require money or having you bend over backward.

Three weeks ago, I had these new thank you cards made. Before coronavirus, I was planning on sending them out to students who finished my Turn Contacts Into Customers™ course, but now I want to send them to anyone who needs some love in their real mailbox.

If you’d like me to send you a card with a personal message from me to just you, email me back your mailing address. I’d love to 💌

With so much love,


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mmb_devReality has set in
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