Results from my launch

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Welcome to the 49th edition of From V to You, a personal letter from me to you each week where I take you behind-the-scenes of my own business + brand-building efforts so you can grow your business too! If you’ve missed my previous letters, you can always read them here.


Hey Friend!

What a rollercoaster of a week!

I’ll skip the boring details and give you the main highlights:

Launching was the FUN part!

Running COLD Facebook Ads to it was the SCARY part!


Because if you can’t convert a prospect for less than what you spent to acquire them as a customer……you go bankrupt, and the world will never know your greatness 😭 

Ok that’s pretty dramatic, but you get my point.

So when I launched my Facebook Ads campaign on Tuesday, these were the heartbreaking results:

  • My sales page only converted at 2% (technically, the industry average for cold traffic is 1-3% but still).
  • The cost to acquire a new customer on Facebook was averaging $128 dollars.
  • This was a MAJOR problem when the average cart value was only $54 dollars.

Meaning for every new customer I made, I LOST $74!!

Most “funnel experts” will tell you that most funnels lose money.

Well, most entrepreneurs I know don’t want to lose most of their money….so that advice wasn’t going to work on me.

I became totally obsessed. I was like a stock trader level crazy this week. Tweaking my ads, tweaking the copy, tweaking the landing page, etc. Drilling down to crazy person level data. Watching the data from 6am to 11pm sometimes.


My beta testers worked so hard on it with me. My early students were sending me glowing voice memos and private DMs.

My job was to get it into more hands! I just didn’t want to lose my business reserve in the process. 😅

So now it’s Friday and here are my numbers:

  • My sales page is now converting at 9.68%!
  • The cost to acquire a new customer on Facebook is averaging $44 dollars.
  • And my average cart value is $98 dollars.

Meaning for every $1 dollar I spend on Facebook, I make $2.23 back!

Did I lose 5 years of my life to figure this out???



I didn’t give up. I didn’t doubt my product. I kept at it.

Please understand that I am not sharing this to boost. That is not my style and never will be.

I’m sharing this because I’m sure you have felt like you wanted to quit before too.

We all struggle. We all feel like an imposter. We all doubt ourselves and our abilities.

The MOST important thing I can share with you today is to NOT give up.

Be Valiant!

Have courage and don’t waver in your determination to succeed.

We got this!

xo V

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mmb_devResults from my launch
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