Selling Without Fear

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Welcome to the 42nd edition of From V to You, a personal letter from me to you each Sunday to help you achieve your aspirations. All things branding, marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, and the balance between wanting and having it all. If you’ve missed my previous letters, you can always read them here.


Happy Sunday!

I have a cute story to share with you this week.

My son Miles is only 6 years old, and his current obsession is Jurassic World lego sets. He wants ALL of them!

The problem is it’s not his birthday, and we are nowhere near a present-giving holiday to justify giving him a new toy or like the 20 sets he wants. So I did what any entrepreneurial parent would do…

I told him to start a business and earn his own money to buy one. 😉

This was the result:

Kids selling cookies in front of the house

Take note of his store signage:

  • “No Bad Kids”
  • “Sugar Shop By Miles”
  • “Open”

This was Miles’s first real entrepreneurial pursuit! It was all his vision too. We asked him what he wanted to sell and after 2 mins of pondering he said “SUGAR! Everyone likes sugar!”

  • Did he pay his employees? No!
  • Did he pay for the cost of goods sold? No!
  • Did he fire half his workforce in the first 20 minutes? Yes!

But he did make $33.14 over two days of selling! Which is NOT bad for a six-year old in pajamas!

What struck me the most was his lack of fear!

ZERO hesitation in asking “prospective customers” if they wanted to buy his goods. When they asked him how much his cookies cost, he answered with, “how much money do you have?” 🤣 He also initially priced his goods for the same prices as his toys ($20, $80, $150), but the marketplace determined the price was more around a $1/cookie.

Miles was fearless. Hustlin’. Going door to door.

It never occurred to him that someone wouldn’t want his sugar products. And when they bought, he told them to come back and bring friends.

Do you wish selling came to you so easily??

Do you remember the moment in your life when sales wasn’t fun anymore?

After watching my son slay sales this past weekend, I’m convinced that for most of us, sales was great until there came a moment when it wasn’t anymore. Either we were rejected for the first time, or we got taken advantage of by someone else’s selling.

But just because we may or may not have had a bad experience with sales…it doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Selling doesn’t have to be salesy. It doesn’t have to be sleazy.

It can be honest. It can be doing someone a service. It can make someone happy.

May we all be like Miles this week in our sales efforts!


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mmb_devSelling Without Fear
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