Veronica Romney

Shana Lynn: Community Manager’s Return on Retention

We spend a lot of time marketing and converting prospects, and this is my world, but it pains me to see these marketing strategies focus on the front side, but lack on the back side, and our customers aren’t getting the same energy. So today, Shana, the community strategist behind many of the 7 & 8-figure brands, joins us to explore the power of communities inside your business.

We discuss the evolution of communities, from growing a baby community to when you require support, the mistakes that happen when growing communities, and why you shouldn’t just cherry-pick a community manager from your community.

Shana explores where to look for quality community managers, from inside your communities to hiring externally. We also discuss the three reasons community managers play an important role in your business.

In this episode, I opened up about being scared of a community that would get too big for me to handle and the potential of them turning on me. If you feel this too, Shana shares what to do if a community gets to that level.

Learn more about my guest:
Shana is the community strategist behind many of the 7 & 8 figure brands you love. With more than a decade of experience, she’s been speaking about online communities since 2008. She’s worked with industry leaders such as Stu McLaren, Jennifer Allwood, and Corinne Crabtree to help guide their community strategy and empower their community teams. As the founder of Community Cultivated, Shana helps online business owners maximize their profit and multiply their impact through community consulting, training, and support.

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