Actionable. Real.

Speaking should be a performance where attendees leave inspired, motivated, and armed with their next actionable steps to better their personal and professional lives. In my experience over the last decade, the way we learn, research and connect has completely changed, which means so should our marketing and branding efforts. I’m confident that I can speak to your attendees specific goals and frustrating pain points so that they leave with insights that can change the future of their personal and professional pursuits.


Actionable. Real.

I’ve seen great people and great brands transform before my very eyes when they finally realize the real role they should play in their customer’s story. I help entrepreneurs and organizations find and utilize their true voice, while showing them how to show up, stand out and eliminate the noise hindering their impact.


Core Connection: How to Turn Your Contacts into Customers

YOUR FOUNDATION Session Description:

You know you’re the right answer for the right person, but they don’t...yet. You also know if you can get your prospective customer to act on the decision that’s right for them, you not only help your company but also improve your customer’s life. The challenge is how. And it all comes down to one of our most powerful drivers of action - our aspirations. When you connect to what people really want, you connect with the core of who they are… and they connect with you in return. Join 12-year marketing and branding expert and Dean Graziosi/Tony Robbins Speaker Veronica Romney as she helps you to go beyond merely contacting your customers and truly connecting with them instead.

After Veronica’s session you’ll be able to:

  • Clarify and communicate your brand’s core — who you are and what you stand for — and grow your business as a result
  • Apply the four requirements every customer contact needs before you can create a true core connection
  • Use that connection to align the actions and thoughts of your organization to your customer’s ambitions to help them achieve their goals, and yours


Aspirational Selling: How to Turn Your Customers’ Aspirations into Action

YOUR FOUNDATION Session Description:

As sales professionals, you're in the business of getting the right solution in the right hands. Often that involves strategically layering your points of contact to ultimately lead your prospects to their purchase. But what if the focus on contacting is constraining your ability to drive action-generating connection?

Join 12-year marketing and branding expert and Dean Graziosi/Tony Robbins Speaker Veronica Romney as she explains how to turn your customer’s aspirations into action — and help you sell more as a result.

By the end of this session, you'll be able to:

  • Identify where and how your ambitions connect with your customers’ aspirations
  • Apply the four key requirements every customer contact needs to create the true connections that drive sales and loyalty
  • Add value to your product and service in a way that doesn’t compete with your customers’ aspirations, but complements and completes them, instead


Unleashing the Power of Social Media to Stand Out

YOUR FOUNDATION Session Description:

Standing out in the digital world today is no easy task. In fact, it can often times feel like you're going to battle. That being said, my guess is you're battling the wrong enemy. Most of us blame the internet or competition for our lack of growth, but it's much more obvious than that. Look around...the noise is our greatest enemy. And not the noise from your competitors. It's the noise you're making trying to keep up, especially when it comes to social media.

After this session, you'll be able to:

  • Understand what Facebook and Instagram really have to do with your content strategy
  • Navigate both organic and paid social media efforts
  • Effectively stand out with a 3-part plan to connect with your ideal customer


Be the Guide, NOT the Hero of your Customer's Story

YOUR FOUNDATION Session Description:

You've spent countless hours, not to mention significant marketing dollars, in an effort to create the perfect brand or execute the perfect marketing campaign. You've poured your heart, soul, and finances into your website, paid advertising efforts, marketing videos, or a perfectly curated instagram feed. So what's the problem?

It's not working.

Not to the extent it should be and definitely not matching the amount of effort you put into it. You know there is something missing or holding you back. In this session, you'll learn that it's in your company's and/or brand's positioning in the narrative of your customers story that unlocks your ability to truly stand out and become a modern success story.

After this session, you'll be able to:

  • Recast your company/brand in a way that connects more powerfully with consumers
  • Discover your customer's greatest desires, most frustrating paint points, and the philosophical why to their future success
  • Apply a simplified framework to clarify your company's message


Speaking Highlights
From The Road

Marketing Conferences

Unbounce Call to Action Conference – Vancouver

SearchLove – Boston


GameTruck National Conference

ShelfGenie Annual Conference



Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce – Successful Woman in Business Presenter

Business Network International (BNI)

Lauderdale Yacht Club

Better Business Bureau



Boca Chamber Radio



Note, I can customize keynotes for each event, as long as we’re in the ballpark of: marketing, branding, entrepreneurship and similar topics.