Our Personal Branding Formula

This 4-part starter guide will entrench you in building your personal brand – one step at a time. Our kit is an all-encompassing guide designed to jumpstart your personal brand with how-to’s and resources we use for our own branding efforts. Learn how to use our branding formula to build or even rebuild the brand you’ve been wanting!

Branding While Working

You don’t need to be an entrepreneur to work on your personal brand – not true. A well-developed personal brand built on your skill + natural talents not only sets you up for future opportunities but it helps you get promoted, make more money, and excel in your career. Trust us we know. Learn how to brand yourself the right way while still working your 9-5.

Everything You Need in One Place

You’ve taken the first steps in establishing your personal brand with MyModernBrand and now it’s time to embed yourself in all things personal branding. Our user-friendly resources welcome you to the initial process of creating your brand and steer you to practical goals along the way. Did we mention they’re available to you absolutely FREE of charge? Capitalize on your personal brand by taking advantage of our resources below!

Need Help Discovering Your Brand?

You’re likely here because you want to create a brand that gives you meaning but you might also need help discovering what it should be or need that extra validation that you’re on the right path. I got you. Our very first virtual session together was an entire class about discovering your brand. Watch it today and learn in less than hour what your brand should be about.

Be Featured on Our Site

This site was inspired by YOU. Your story, your questions, your goals, your vision of what you want to become. We would LOVE to help you be seen. To elevate your brand to our readers. Learn how to be featured on our site by clicking on the link below.

Join our Branding Family

Feel alone in your personal branding journey? You’re not. In fact, there are many just like you and me on the road of building their personal brands and we can inspire each other. This a closed group of individuals contributing to our site and getting their own story featured in interviews and more. Join our private personal branding tribe today and share your voice with thousands!

Jumping into Entrepreneurship - The Real Story

I recently hit my one year anniversary of being corporate-free and 100% on my own. This article wasn’t easy to write and even harder to publish for all to see. I share for the first time what the last year was really like – the highs and the lows. This is my love letter from me to you about what it all means to me and what it took to get to this point.

You’re on the Right Track

Building a personal brand is a long-term commitment that requires dedication, passion and persistence. Sticking to our resources will help you produce an attractive online presence and generate a community of engaged users.

For daily personal branding tips, stay connected with us on social media and check back with us for more free personal branding resources. Need personalized assistance? Contact us to learn more about how we can help!


This starter guide will entrench you in building your personal brand – one step at a time.

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