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Whether I get to serve you from the stage or in a 1-on-1 setting, it's a privilege to help you succeed and breakthrough. Read the words of the following transformations. They come from aspiring and current entrepreneurs, thought leaders, peers, business professionals, educators, and story tellers just like you.

Words cannot express how grateful I am for Mrs. Veronica Romney and how much knowledge and inspiration she has given me. Being a young, first time, first generation entrepreneur, it was difficult to find someone in the marketing world who was honest, knowledgeable, professional and loving. Nonetheless, I found ModernMarca and Mrs. Romney who has all of these traits plus so much more and I am grateful I did. We did a Brand Consultation Session together. This consisted on four hours on the phone and offline work on ModernMarca’s end. Personal Branding, Creative Writing and Online Marketing are skills that come natural to Mrs. Romney. She has a way of beautifully and efficiently creating a personal story that connects you to your audience. I have recommended Mrs. Romney to multiple people and will continue to do so as I believe in her and what she does. Mrs. Romney really did get it so I did not have to.

Priya D'Singh

I continue to be amazed by the hard work and dedication you have shown me. You are a role model for your peers and a rare find in a world that is seemingly more and more filled with individuals who lack a strong work ethic and the professionalism you have shown me throughout our working together. Before our discussions, my personal brand was something I was building through word of mouth. You have shown me how to exponentially grow my audience and subsequently those whom I am able to inspire and uplift. My mission is now clearer and my brand is now more able to achieve it, all thanks to you. I look forward to our continued work together and am excited for what lay ahead. Thanks a million!

Claudio Sorrentino,
CEO of Body Details

I’m so blessed to have found Veronica Romney!  She has been and continues to be instrumental in the development and marketing of my brand, Dr. Sylma.  Veronica understood my brand vision from the very beginning.  She laid out in detail the branding roadmap, which included the vision, strategy, look, voice, build and launch of Dr. Sylma.  Her experience is invaluable, and her dedication and integrity in everything she does make her one of the best in the business.  I look forward to continuing working with Veronica because, with her guidance and expertise, the sky is the limit for Dr. Sylma.

Maria Sylma Tweed, M.D.,
Founder and CEO of Dr. Sylma LLC

Working with Veronica is always a pleasure. She brings tremendous value to our programming, where her vast industry knowledge has helped so many of our members at Chamber workshops and events! Veronica is an incredible speaker whose energy and professionalism consistently keep audiences engaged and inspired to take their businesses to the next level! She is always bursting with cutting edge ideas, and is sure to highlight an actionable execution plan for the content provided.

Elizabeth Diaz,
Marketing & Communications Manager at Boca Chamber

Veronica completely changed how I see branding. From the moment she stepped onstage, I had "Aha" moment after "Aha" moment. I've already started implementing the takeaways from her workshop in my business with my own clients. Personal branding can feel overwhelming and Veronica breaks it down into easy-to-implement action steps with so many inspiring examples I can't wait to start using in my business. Thank you, Veronica! You've given me enough juicy branding goodness to last for years!

Rachel Kay Albers
Founder of RKA ink

Veronica is the real deal. I have worked with several branding professionals to help with my website and banding but none were as well versed as Veronica. Her expertise was clear from the very first time I heard her speak from the stage. Most speakers offer fluff and theory, she was captivating, offered actionable insights and pure gold!!! When I sat down with Veronica to discuss the rebrand of my website and podcast, I felt comfortable and confident in her ability to help me. Each session taught insights I did not know. After working with her it felt as if my brand and business went from the minor leagues to the pros. I highly recommend working with Veronica!

Donald Kelly,
Founder of The Sales Evangelist

As a professor of marketing for almost 30 years, it is rare to find someone that not only relates to students but can engage their minds. Veronica is that person. She inspires them to improve their personal and professional lives through her exceptional ability to communicate and teach.

Dr. Ann R. Root,
Senior Instructor at Florida Atlantic University

I saw Veronica speak at an event a while back and I was highly impressed. She knows how to hold the audience, keep the content engaging…all while staying relatable. Rarely do you get the chance to see someone speak who holds those traits. If I were to have a need to find a speaker that fit her expertise, I would certainly reach out to her. She’s well worth it! I highly recommend!

Rob Jager,
Director of Operations at Plum Productions

Veronica is one of the most natural, engaging and inspirational public speakers I've ever met. Her effortless ability to deliver valuable takeaways is second to none. Cannot wait to see what she does next!

Britney Muller,
Senior SEO Scientist at Moz

"Awesome speaker. Made the hour fly, could've stayed for more. Great tips, good insight. Motivated me to come back to work and start digging in to do more. I want to hire her!"

"Your presentation was extremely interesting and eye-opening to me. I left feeling inspired and with the tools to brand myself!"

"Good information, well put together presentation, good engagement with audience, finished with tips/tasks to take home. Well done"

"The session had great content with clear message and takeaway. The speaker used comedy and personal examples to relate to the audience."

"Veronica was very knowledgeable of local search and was captivating in her presentation, adding in personal touches as well as a 'let's get down to business' attitude. Although, I left her presentation craving more. She did an excellent job."

"Veronica did a great job. She had great energy, was relatable, and I like how she ended with four easy action items."

"Funny, knowledgeable and a great presenter"

"Great information and well spoken"

Great tips and takeaways for local search! Veronica demonstrated that she clearly has hand-on experience with local search and provided high quality drilled-down tactical steps for local search and Google My Business. Her presentation style is energetic, direct, and she delivered actionable content. Highly recommend her as a local search expert speaker.

Conference Attendee

Veronica exceeded my local expectations. I’ve been to many local presentations over the last few years and they always seem to fall short. Veronica has a very robust understanding of local SEO and it shows in the way she comfortably speaks about the topic and the information she shared. Typically, local talks are too redimentary or ambiguous. Fortunately, this was not the case here. I was able to leave with tactical takeaways and a better understanding of overall strategy. I hope to hear her speak again next year.

Conference Attendee

One of the best speakers at the event. Full of wit, insights, expertise. She packed a ton of info into a short time. I wanted her to keep going. She really knows her stuff-would love her to teach a pre-conference 3 hour workshop.

Conference Attendee

Veronica, I was also impressed with your presentation - high energy! I walked away with some good knowledge that I didn't have previously.  well done!

Ron Jones ,
Regional Sales Manager at SiteSpect, Inc.

I was in attendance for the workshop series you presented at FAU on "Making Social Media Work For You." The presentation was engrossing because of my concentration in marketing, and it resonated with me because of your transparency. 

Owen Blake
FAU Student

Veronica Romney you delivered such an informative workshop. Time flies by when you are interested. I look forward to future opportunities with you and to learn more tips. Social media presence can no longer be ignored.

Paula Akhatov,
MBA ~ International Business

Congratulations! You are a truly inspirational speaker. Anyone would be lucky to have half your skill.

Elisha Ramirez

Veronica, you are an amazing role model for other entrepreneurs.

Dr. Rick Marrotte,
Director at Nationwide Optometry PA Florida

Even though I've only met you one or two times, I admire you so much! You're so inspiring!

Jordan Johnson,
Marketing Coordinator at Sebo Marketing & Google Expert

Great workshop, Veronica! Thank you for sharing your story and showing us how to develop ours.

Cale Curtis ,
Assistant City Manager at City Of Margate

Great job Veronica your expertise was refreshing and hopeful for business owners.

Helbert Enrique Asprilla,
Founder of South Florida Veterans Collective

I truly appreciated all the good stuff you provided at Pubcon, it was gold!

Blas Giffuni,
Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

You did such a great job. I learned so much from you. Thank you for coming to speak to us!

Isdianel D Haldane,
PTA, CSCS, Project Manager at BioStem Technologies

This one will definitely be communicated to our bosses!

Conference Attendee

Dynamic speaker with a lot of personality. Nice presentation.

Conference Attendee

Great mental model for brand positions and engaging with clients.

Conference Attendee

Great presentation. Liked her humor combined with useful content.

Conference Attendee

Thought provoking session. I really enjoyed this content and action.

Conference Attendee

Wasn't sure about this at first, but it's a revelation. Found it very inspiring.

Conference Attendee

I was very inspired and now have an idea for a great campaign. Thanks, Veronica!

Conference Attendee

Veronica always has great insight and a really memorable & relateable presentation style.

Conference Attendee

I LOVED Veronica's session. It not only taught me a lot professionally but personally as well.

Conference Attendee

Probably the most relevent speech for my business. Really great. Downloaded the slides immediately.

Conference Attendee

Fun energy and stage presence. A couple catchy and useful ways to frame a brand story in an effective way.

Conference Attendee

Great “real” talk about the importance of the customer and their experience and journey and focusing on that.

Conference Attendee

This session was wonderful! Best one so far and got me thinking in a different way that I plan to apply immediately.

Conference Attendee

Really great presentation. Important reminders applicable to any marketer. Love the idea of focusing on your "Doris".

Conference Attendee

Veronica was an engaging presenter and totally forced everyone in the room to think differently. Favorite presentation so far!

Conference Attendee

I enjoyed the speaker a lot. Made some good notes of things to keep in mind on how to position myself as a guide not a hero for my clients.

Conference Attendee

Probably my favorite session of Day 1. Very informative. Very passionate about the subject and provided tips that I can immediately go back and implement.

Conference Attendee

This presentation really hit home with what our business is trying to accomplish. I can't wait to put these lessons to use when I get back to the office!

Conference Attendee

The best session of the conference so far! It was a refreshing look at how to help customers

Conference Attendee

Outstanding talk with lots of new angles to consider.

Conference Attendee

My favorite session so far! Great timing also as I’m about to start the journey of persona building for our institution. We need to find our Dorris.

Conference Attendee

This information was so poignant. Really encouraged me to consider how I solve my customers problems. Often, my goal is to be the hero (this is what I’ve been conditioned to do as a marketer). However, being the guide is much more impactful to my customer...and myself I might add!

Conference Attendee

We are about to go through a company name change (next year) and Veronica's presentation could not have come at a better time. As we work through our new company story, we now know to position ourselves as the guide and not the hero. It is a great way to evolve our company ethos alongside our name change.

Conference Attendee

"You were ranked 5th top speaker for Digital Summit Tampa"

"Great actionable content."

"Really good, specific, examples."

"Very relevant information, great speaker"

"One of my faves. Great detailed content with awesome actionable takeaways."

"Veronica did a great job. She had great energy, was relatable, and I like how she ended with four easy action items."

"Funny, knowledgeable and a great presenter"

"Veronica is great. She's very informed, provided examples and had sound advice to share."

"Knowledgeable. Engaging. I loved her session."

"Lots of energy which made the presentation more engaging"

"Loved her, especially tools at the end!"


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