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The Battle Between In-House vs. Fractional CMO with Nick Herrera, Chief Revenue Officer at HelloSeven

Ever wondered about the diverse paths marketing professionals can tread? In this episode, Nick Herrera joins me as we dive into his varying marketing experience, focusing on the contrasting worlds of in-house and fractional CMO roles.

Together, we dissect the advantages and challenges of each domain, exploring the immersive journey of an in-house Chief Marketing Officer deeply embedded within a single brand’s ethos versus the agile and multi-faceted role of a fractional CMO. We unravel the art of setting boundaries and harmonizing budgets with campaign goals, all while delving into the personal side of professional accomplishments and self-worth.

Our conversation culminates in a thought-provoking exploration of self-valuation in the consulting landscape, emphasizing the pivotal task of recognizing one’s true worth. Join us for a conversation that unveils the intricacies of marketing careers and the empowerment that stems from understanding one’s role in this dynamic industry.

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Nick Herrera is a 15+ year veteran in the marketing space. He has served as a Senior Consultant, Vice President of Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, and Founder. He has worked with over 250 clients in his career with multiple celebrity clients including from Rachel Rodgers, Brooke Castillo, Floyd Mayweather, Dan Fleyshman, Dan Bilzerian, Shawne Merriman, and many others.

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