That’s the hope and pursuit in trying to grow our businesses. And in today’s online world, creating a sincere connection between brand and customer is proving to be harder and harder than ever before. Our ideal customers don’t know who to trust, where to look, and how to decipher between truth and error.

How can we create a core connection with those we wish to serve amongst the intensifying noise around them? It turns out, the most successful brands in the world don’t seek to be understood. Instead, they seek to understand so they can align their efforts with their customers’ aspirations.

The key to selling yourself, your business, your ideas, your offer is this:

Align with the aspiration that drives the action

And we do this by bridging a Core Connection™

How We Create A Core Connection™

1. Clarifying Your Brand’s Core

Your brand isn’t your products, services, solutions, software, logo, website, clothing, etc. Your brand, whether personal or company, is the intention and the promises you’re willing to make in the pursuit of serving your intended audience and/or customer.

We often compare the task of clarifying a brand’s core as developing a brand’s island. Companies and their brands at the start feel incredibly isolated from the rest of the world. The world where our potential customers reside. The customers we hope to become aware of our island to visit and love over and over again. We have to differentiate our island from the other islands to convert potential contacts into true and loyal customers. We know our island is the right island for the right person but getting that person to accept that is our biggest pursuit when growing our businesses. That all starts with understanding our brand’s core.

Brands/Islands may change their look over time, and they might have more features and offerings with more development, and so forth. But at its core, what is your promise and why? Let’s clarify!

2. Aligning With Your Customer’s Aspirations

Did you know 1 in 4 people admit to never sharing their aspirations with someone else? And 1 out of 3 people say they were afraid to tell others about their aspirations? This means that what your customers are telling you they want…is only a partial view of what they really want. And if you align your business efforts to what you can only see, you won’t ever drive the actions you need to grow your business long-term. We have to go beyond the surface and discover our customer’s inner desires, true needs and wants, and the hopes for their future. This goes way past demographic breakdowns and customer personas.

3. Bridging A Core Connection™

This is where brand and customer connect for the life. Connecting the core of what our brand stands for and the core of what our customer aspires to is the cure for an uncontrollable market. We can’t predict how many new competitors enter our space, we can’t anticipate the volatility of the economy, and we can’t control every facet of our business BUT we can know our customers better than anyone else. And we can align our efforts with the aspirations that get them to act in their best interest by bridging a Core Connection™.

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