To Do or Not To Do Side Hustle

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Welcome to the 4th edition of From V to You, a weekly letter of love, inspiration, tips, tricks, and behind-the-scenes of how I’m building a business around my personal brand so you can too. If you missed my first letter and start, you can always read it here.


Hey there!

So this week’s letter was inspired by one of you! It’s the product of a heart-to-heart hour-long phone call with someone who is currently on the brink of stepping out into her own light…or not. Something I know all too well and I would imagine is what you are now or have in the past wrestled with also.

You know what I’m talking about. That heart-racing decision to go ALL in, quit that job, proclaim yourself as brand and entrepreneur, and really go for the dream of reporting to no one, financial freedom, and a life lived as a fully realized person.

Am I right??

Trip Down Memory Lane

Each of us will have our own catalysts for change. Those moments that just SHIFT everything and really make you question if you’re READY to be or do this on your own. Maybe it’s because of someone or something else – like a crappy boss or being laid off from your job. For me, it was two currents that happened to intersect at the same time in my life:

  1. We chose to center our lives around family instead of a job, so we moved across the country with a 4 week old baby and though I wasn’t let go from my job, I was told they were putting me on a 90 day probation period to see if I could really continue in my role working remotely when I finished my maternity leave.
  2. This nagging feeling that had been building up. Feeling like the “pond” I was swimming in was too small for my growing ambition and personal desires.

You see, I’ve always known that one day I’d be an entrepreneur. It felt inevitable. I’m the product of two Cuban Immigrant parents who came to the States with literally nothing and built a successful Air Conditioning company that has lasted over 25 years. I just didn’t think that the prospect of entrepreneurship would hit me in the face when I was four weeks postpartum with my first baby *Holy crap*. But it did and to preserve as much stability in an unpredictable professional future, I did what most people do…I started a side hustle. I started a digital marketing agency – ModernMarca.

Here’s the problem:

My 90-day probation turned into another 3 years, but the side hustle didn’t quite feel like a SIDE either. I had two jobs that were each a success but there was only one of me, and the tension was very real and very draining. And this tightrope went on for THREE years because I was too scared to let go of the corporate safety net and health benefits (hello 2nd son) and risk everything on an agency that was budding but still not paying me anywhere close to my corporate paycheck.

To Do or Not to Do Side Hustle

Can you keep the 9-5 while still working on your personal brand or side business?

Can you be great in both equally demanding roles and still show up for your family and friends?

Can’t you just quietly build up your side hustle enough until it replaces your current paycheck amount?

Here’s what I will say:

“The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither.”

I’m not telling you to quit your job right now. What I am telling you to do is to seriously consider the fact that a divided mind will oftentimes produce the most frustrating results. I’m speaking from experience.

Don’t Do What I Did.

Living halfway into your purpose and future and feeling like you can’t even be totally honest with those around you. There’s something really powerful in being bold and open about your intentions and the path you’re choosing to walk. I wish I had just planned better. I would have saved 6 months of monthly expenses, and I would have spent 6 months clarifying what I was as a brand, as an entrepreneur, and in the value I was ready to offer the world when I was no longer defined as someone else’s employee.

As soon as I quit my corporate job, the floodgate of creativity and ideas and inspiration were OPEN. It was like a DAM had been holding me back. It led me to create MyModernBrand, embrace my passion for the speaking stage, and, of course, things like this newsletter! I had been crippling myself and my potential for THREE years, trying to be all things to all people. I had “superhero syndrome,” and I’m telling you it’s not POSSIBLE. Even heroes struggle to have their dreams come true without help.


I need you to block out an hour on August 21st at 2pm EST on your calendars right now. Trust me on this. I can 100000% promise you that you’ll want to hear this message because it will change everything about how you see yourself in relation to your goals and aspirations. And like always, this masterclass is FREE. More to come 🙂

You are NOT alone. There are thousands of you receiving this newsletter because you want more than what you have today. I promise that I’m going to help you and guide you. It’s time to transform from ambitiously frustrated to a modern success story.

Until next Sunday,


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