What to do when the world stops

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Welcome to the 34th edition of From V to You, a weekly letter of inspiration, tips, tricks, and behind-the-scenes of how I’m building a business around my personal brand so you can too. If you’ve missed the previous letters, you can always read them here.


How are you?

My prayers are with you and your family right now as we all watch the world come to a stop this week because of the coronavirus. Please know I’m praying for your health and the health of those you love. And I’m also praying for your livelihood.

Truthfully, seeing the economic impact of this virus is what alarms me the most.

So many wonderful people are without work right now, and so many small business owners and entrepreneurs are really struggling right now. I am right there with you. All of my speaking engagements for Q1/Q2 have been cancelled and/or postponed. Which means most of my revenue opportunities have also been canceled and/or postponed because the two are tied together. Thankfully and with enormous gratitude in my heart, we’ll be ok because we have saved emergency funds for times like these.

But what about our businesses?

A little nervous about offending anyone by sharing how I feel about this next part because I respect everyone’s personal opinion on this, but for me, I just don’t feel right asking anyone to spend money on non-necessities right now. So even though I could hustle and push my online courses, virtual workshops, etc. to make some money, I don’t feel that’s appropriate for this truly historic time, not if you can go without for a couple of weeks. People are really scared for themselves and their loved ones as evident by empty grocery shelves and toilet paper hoarding, and we need to love on each other – not sell each other right now.

So if I shouldn’t sell right now…what should I do?

1. Serve > Sell

A great example of this attribute comes from mega personal brand, Jenna Kutcher. She was one of the first to jump on social media and just love on her community. Said she was thinking of them and how she could help them during this awful time. And then she and her team quickly started putting out totally FREE resources to help combat fear and panic:

Screenshot Jenna Kutcher

A+++++++ for showing us how to be totally aligned with your brand’s values even in these unprecedented times.

Now contrast that to…Ellen DeGeneres. It pains me to even write this because I LOVE her, but earlier this week, I saw on her EdbyEllen Instagram account a post about rugs. How if you find yourself not liking your home decor now that you’re working from home post-coronavirus, check out their rugs…😞. First off, I’m sure it wasn’t her that posted it but someone on their social media team. BUT it is such a departure from her brand’s values in every way that it shocked me. And in an attempt to find the post to show you for this email, it has since been removed.

2. Create > Stress

NOW is the time to lose yourself in being busy. Watching the news all day is not helping you or your business – that I can promise you.

  • Read a business book
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Rewatch training videos from the course you’ve bought
  • Go to YouTube aka a Free University for anything you want to learn

You want to be inspired and jumpstart your business creativity?? Learn something new and challenge yourself to apply it in your business! This is how I grow and implement every single time! Create a list of things you want to do, make, implement, revise, and get to work.

3. Online Networking > In-Person Networking

Even though we’re being asked to isolate ourselves and stand 6 ft apart at all times, those rules don’t apply for the internet. Now is NOT the time to be idle and disappear. Here are some great examples of still being active behind a computer screen:

  • Get active in your Facebook/LinkedIn groups
  • Pitch to be on podcasts and virtual summits
  • Get free press from HARO
  • Text/voice message/BombBom old contacts or people you’ve wanted to collaborate with in the future

People are lonely or going crazy stuck at home with their kids 😂. Yes, you’re a brand, but you’re also a friend in someone’s life the moment they decided to follow you or listen to you. Honor that and be there for your friends.

4. Recurring Revenue > One-Time Launches

This pandemic has shown me more than anything else the necessity each of us has for recurring revenue in our businesses. Coronavirus is slowing us down now but what if you were slowed down by sickness, accident, or anything else you didn’t see coming. We need to be able to generate revenue even if we can’t be the ones doing it ourselves. And as a solopreneur, I wear ALL the hats, so I’m going to spend the next couple weeks building a funnel that automates sales on its own. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try, so what a great opportunity to do so now. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes and what I learn in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned.

5. Early + Late > 9-5

At this point, some of you are probably saying, “that’s nice but schools are canceled, and I have NO time to do any of this with kids at home…”. You are ABSOLUTELY right. As a proud mompreneur, raising kids and growing a business is NO FREAKING JOKE, but I’m going to ask you same question Tom Bilyeu asked us at a conference: no bullsh*t, how bad do you want it?!

How bad do you want your business to grow?

How bad do you want your dreams to be your reality?

If you want it bad, then you get real flexible with what comes at you.


Which for me means waking up at 5am, working till the kids wake up, working when James takes a nap, and working when they go to sleep like I am right now as I write you this letter. Yup. Gone are the days of 9-5 during this pandemic, so get creative with your time and make it happen because it won’t just happen for you.


Phew. A longer letter than the norm, but I want so badly to help you right now in any way I can. I hope by sharing the things I’m learning and doing to build my own business, it inspires and motivates you to build your own. Especially at a time like this. Especially as a solopreneur, especially as a mompreneur.

There is no shame in starting where you are and having the dreams that you have. We ALL start somewhere, and we all have things to gain from each other along the way.

Now is the time to help one another in any way we can, which is why I’d like to invite ALL of you to my next group coaching session and waive all fees. It’s normally $47/month or $97 for a one-time class fee, but class on April 1st will be free for each of you. Come pick a low-hanging fruit in your branding, marketing, and sales efforts to generate more money in your business as soon as we complete the class. Block out 1pm EST on April 1st for your free group coaching session with me and put this link in your calendar event –

Sending you so much love right now,


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mmb_devWhat to do when the world stops
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