What You Missed at INFLUENCER2019

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Welcome to the 14th edition of From V to You, a weekly letter of inspiration, tips, tricks, and behind-the-scenes of how I’m building a business around my personal brand so you can too. If you’ve missed the previous letters, you can always read them here.



I’m writing you this letter from my hotel room in San Diego right now because I just finished 3 solid days at Brendon Burchard’s INFLUENCER2019 event and it was EPIC.

veronica romney and morgan stradling

(that’s my fellow BYU grad + college friend Morgan Stradling on the left and me on the right)

I’ll get to the breakthroughs in a second but let’s just talk about the speaker line-up first:

  • Brendon Burchard (World’s #1 High-Performance Coach, Speaker, Writer)
  • Rachel Hollis (2x #1 NYT Bestseller List + Top Female Motivational Speaker)
  • Lewis Howes (Top 100 Podcast School of Greatness)
  • Tom Bilyeu (#2 Inc 500 Entrepreneur, Co-Founder Impact Theory + Quest Nutrition)
  • Trent Shelton (Former NFL Player, Top Motivational Speaker, #RehabTime)
  • Roger Love (#1 Vocal Coach in the World)
  • Rha Goddess (Soul Coach for Major Influencers)
  • Dean Graziosi (Over $30 Million in Sales from His Last Online Course Launch)
  • Natalie Hodson (Made over $10 Million from Selling eBooks Online)
  • Eric Thomas (Top Motivational Speaker)
  • Jamie Kern Lima (Sold IT Cosmetics to L’Oréal for 1.2 Billion in CASH)
  • Anthony Trucks (Ex-NFL, 3x Ninja Warrior, Top Motivational Speaker)
  • Craig Clemens ($1 Billion in Sales Copywriter)

Can you believe this list?! Not only did these unbelievably successful people speak just 10 feet away from me but they were delightfully real and surprisingly vulnerable in the things they shared.

Top 3 Themes From INFLUENCER2019

  1. Consistency
    • Rachel, Dean, Brendon, Trent, Jamie, Tom ALL talked about showing up every. single. day. for TEN years before they had their “breakthroughs.” We’re talking billionaires, multi-millionaires, and influencers with billions of video views saying almost word-for-word the same thing. Literally, a decade for each of them serving, producing content, networking, pitching, grinding their path to their peaks. There is no such thing as “overnight success.” They all showed their embarrassing first times. The first time on stage with cue cards. The first time posting a YouTube video from their mom’s guest room. The first time they got an order and it was actually their husband testing to see if the website order checkout worked. They all started small and committed to showing up however long it took.
  2. Resourcefulness
    • They all said the same thing in slightly different ways but it basically went something like this – “I just trusted that I could figure it out.” Tom really struck a chord in me when he said “no bullsh*t, what would it take?! always, always, always get to Yes.” And Rachel legitimately credits a huge part of success on her ability to Google everything. One of my favorite exchanges of her talk was:
      • Rachel – “you guys know everything is on Google right?!”
      • Audience – cheering and laughing
      • Rachel – “everything you want to know, to learn, to figure out is already available online so your ignorance is a choice” BOOM
  3. Authenticity
    • Probably the biggest theme of the conference was this one. EVERY single speaker talked about it and credited it to their success. Stop trying to be perfect and just be authentically you. Show UP as yourself and stop “orphaning the pieces of you and your story” that you think will take away from your credibility and reputation. As Trent said: “your transparency will lead to your transformation.” BOOM

My Personal Breakthrough

One of my goals this week was to make sure that I didn’t get lost in the success of those who were speaking to me. I think too often we see other people doing x, y, z and we think we need to do x, y, z to have what they have. The natural man in us wants to emulate the success we see in others and by copying what others are doing, we’re not actually being honest and true to our natural god-given gifts and talents. For example, even though I too love the stage and aspire to be on stages like the one at INFLUENCER, I don’t have to be a motivational speaker to do that. I can just be myself and the real me is a…NERD.

Like a full-blown NERD.

I was the kid wearing headgear in elementary school and holiday-colored rubber bands on my braces in middle school. I did my homework because I LOVED doing my homework. And I geek out HARD for all things branding and marketing – all the time.

On Day 1 of INFLUENCER, I played small and introduced myself as an aspiring speaker. Why?? Because I didn’t want to be compared to the “real” speakers at the event…?

On Day 2 of INFLUENCER, I committed to owning my future! I’m not aspiring. I’m a speaker here and now! But…it’s not like I’m at an SEO conference with a whole bunch of people that obsess over machine-learning and algorithms so we’ll just keep that part to myself…

And on Day 3 of INFLUENCER, I went all-in during my group-work sessions. Every time someone shared and asked for help, I didn’t hold back and I didn’t play small and I didn’t hide my nerdiness. I geeked out, I talked my marketing talk, I gave my branding tips, and I leaned into what I am and what I love. And you know what happened back???

They leaned into me too.

Get Excited for What’s Coming Next

I want this in writing so you can hold me accountable. I OWN that the purpose in front of me is to take all of my nerdiness and help you change your life by helping you clarify and better position your personal AND company brands. I know HOW to do that. I know how to help you self-generate your best ideas to elevate yourself and your businesses. I know how you should brand yourself so you can market yourself authentically. I know how to help you stand out and hit new levels of marketing success.

Your Brand = Your Freedom

Big changes are in motion for my current marketing efforts and new ways to help you start right now. Buckle up because your brands are going to get a whole lot of loving from me ?

Until next week,



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mmb_devWhat You Missed at INFLUENCER2019
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