Veronica Romney

Why CEOs Should Not Be Their Own CMOs

Are you feeling the weight of carrying your business on your shoulders as the primary spokesperson and personal brand? Are you struggling to loosen the reins on your Chief Everything Officer title, especially when it comes to marketing? Well, buckle up because in this episode, I’m diving deep into the unique challenges faced by CEOs like you.

Let’s face it, trying to do it all can be exhausting and overwhelming. But I’ve got some game-changing insights for you. I’ll share the secrets to finding the perfect marketing leader who can act as a proxy for you, not only supporting your team but also generating revenue, allowing you to finally unplug when you’re out of the office.

Plus, you’ll learn why relinquishing control can be tough but necessary for growth and how supporting the development of your Rainmaker can free you up to be the Visionary your company needs.

Trust me, this episode will be a game-changer for your business. So sit back, relax, and get ready to drop the CMO title!

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