Why Don’t We Talk About This More

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Welcome to the 50th edition of From V to You, a personal letter from me to you each week where I take you behind-the-scenes of my own business + brand-building efforts so you can grow your business too! If you’ve missed my previous letters, you can always read them here.


Isn’t entrepreneurship amazing?!?! 

Doing the work you LOVE that serves others.

You always have it together, right??


Let’s get real.

We don’t always have it figured out, but we sure do try our hardest to pretend like we do.

My newest friend, Jess Manuszak, just started a non-profit called I love you the monsters to help provide “mental health know-how for whole humans running businesses.” Because as her website states, in addition to the perks of being your own boss, entrepreneurs also deal with:

  • no community
  • money stress
  • bad habits
  • social isolation
  • feeling like crap
  • and so forth

But we don’t talk about those things as much as we could and should.

We often hold back out of fear of being judged and shamed for feeling the way that we do.

The truth is all entrepreneurs – including the ultra-successful ones – struggle taking care of themselves. And as Jess says:

Taking care of business starts with caring for your brain.

So I invited Jess and my good friend, Johnny Hanna – Co-Founder of and mental health advocate, to have a non-scripted discussion about mental health amongst entrepreneurs this week.

It was SO goood and I would love for you to check it out:

Mental Health Webinar

Just the incredible counsel they gave to help:

  1. Aspiring entrepreneurs avoid the pit of burn out and overwhelm
  2. Struggling entrepreneurs who are in the pit of despair and don’t have the tools to get out


One of the most meaningful conversations I have ever engaged in.

Grateful for their stories, vulnerability, and passion for helping entrepreneurs care for their well-being.

They are valiant, and so is their cause.

Join me in supporting them both and helping remove the stigma around mental health.

xo V

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mmb_devWhy Don’t We Talk About This More
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