Why Your Title Doesn’t Matter

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Welcome to the 2nd edition of From V to You, a weekly letter of love, inspiration, tips, tricks, and behind-the-scenes of how I’m building a business around my personal brand so you can too. If you missed our first letter, you can always read it here.



Why is something so small seem so stressful?? I’ve spent way too much time, hours I rather not admit, over the last couple of years on one thing:

My Title

You know…the Title under your name on your business card. The headline of your LinkedIn Profile. Your Instagram Bio. The two or three words you say to others that are supposed to define everything you are…

It’s not so hard when you work for someone else because they literally give you your Title when you apply for the job and in your employee packet. But when you’re an entrepreneur, what you say about yourself can either make you stand out OR blur you out with every other President, Founder, Coach, Consultant and CEO. And the sad truth is…nobody really cares about your self-appointed Title.


We didn’t define ourselves in traditional titles, but instead, we defined ourselves by the intentions of those we’re trying to serve. Let me explain.

It’s 2019

Gone are the days of predefined brackets and boxes. We don’t self identify as 30 – 35 year old female with two kids, a mortgage, and an interest in Nordstrom. We just don’t, and yet online advertising platforms like Google and Facebook will tell us to because that’s how they serve ads to people. People are far more complicated, and they come from all walks of life. It’s impossible to take all that someone is and condense them into checkboxes. So how do you as a personal brand with a message that needs to be heard to change lives and have impact appeal to more than one kind of person when you’re not allowed to look at them as one dimensional?

You unite them in purpose and intent.

You speak to their dreams.

I may not look like you, sound like you, live as you do, nor was I brought up the way that you were, but I have a dream for myself like you do. I dream of building something that I can build my life around. I dream of financial freedom and meaningful work that gives back. I dream of becoming the best part of me for you, for my boys, and my family. And I dream of potential fully realized, and a life lived without regret or what if’s.

A dream is why over 250,000 people stood in August degree heat + humidity in Washington, DC in 1963. Because Martin Luther King, Jr had a dream that united people from every background imaginable. And he united them in a promise:

“Now is the time (Yes it is) to make real the promises of democracy.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

We too are united in the hopes and aspirations we have for ourselves, and your job as a personal brand is to help others achieve their dreams.


The next time you have to introduce yourself to someone, don’t start with:

“I’m Veronica Romney, President + Founder of MyModernBrand and ModernMarca

Rather, try this:

“I’m Veronica Romney, and I help aspiring and struggling entrepreneurs stand out so their talents, wisdom, and message can be seen, heard, and help others to their deserving success.”


Please know I read every single one of your email replies. I would love for my inbox today to be flooded with your before and after’s. Take another step forward this week in your pursuits to stand out and introduce yourself in a way that connects and serves.

Until next Sunday,


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mmb_devWhy Your Title Doesn’t Matter
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