You HAVE to do this in your business

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Welcome to the 16th edition of From V to You, a weekly letter of inspiration, tips, tricks, and behind-the-scenes of how I’m building a business around my personal brand so you can too. If you’ve missed the previous letters, you can always read them here.


This is the LAST letter I’m writing to you from the Sunny State of Florida. That’s right. I’m typing this from my mom’s house in Boca Raton and Scott is an hour outside of Raleigh, North Carolina with all of our worldly possessions in a Penske truck. Tomorrow at 4:33 pm, the boys and I will be on our one-way flight to our new home to meet him!

Honestly, I’m exhausted, emotional, and have all the feelings but I’m also really excited. One day I’ll share just how many things have come together to have this moment in my life exist but it’s been a very blessed and refining process, to say the least.

Something that I’m also really excited to share with you this week is what I decided to do last minute. As many of you know, I attended Brendon Burchard’s INFLUENCER2019 event in San Diego a couple of weeks ago. Well, I left so freaking motivated and inspired that I decided to do a last-minute marketing mastermind pop-up just this past Thursday. I was bursting with so much knowledge, tools, and insights that I wanted to impart it to whoever was truly ready for it.

Well, five of us met, spent the entire day together, and had a truly transformative experience:

MyModernBrand Mastermind

You HAVE to do this in your business

If you have never led a mastermind before, you HAVE to do this. For yourself. For your business. Before you shake your head and think you can’t, let me just add:

  1. It’s not on you 100%
    • You can share your own expertise and tools. You can invite mastermind members to share their expertise. You can share the knowledge from other experts. Or you can do a trio as I did.
    • Most experts are actually just knowledge brokers. They study other experts, package the best of the best, and share it with those of us who haven’t done that kind of research and collection.
    • Before you’re comfortable calling yourself an expert, call yourself a knowledge broker and take the pressure off. Knowledge is still knowledge and as long as it has the power to change the lives and businesses of others, it’s worthy of sharing.
  2. Just tell your stories
    • Here’s the mastermind format > story, teach, tool. Tell a story, translate it into teaching, solidify the knowledge for your members in a tool or exercise. That’s it.
    • We are wired to remember stories. You want something to stick, anchor it in a story. The next time my mastermind members go on a white water rafting trip, they might pull out their clarity tool exercise when they go home 😉
  3. Be so obsessed, people are worried about you!
    • The biggest thing you need to pull off any kind of event or training is PASSION. Be so obsessed with your topic that people can’t help to notice. Pick a topic that you could talk about for hours with others and their contribution to the topic just makes you burst with bliss.

That’s it. Seriously.

I believe that we are capable of creating whatever we want for ourselves. If you want to create an entire day with equally ambitious people who are marketing junkies at heart and want to learn all they can about marketing themselves and their businesses authentically as you do…then do it. Whatever your passion, create a space for this collective genius to exist and not only will they benefit from this, but so will you.

When you lead others to their deserving success, you find your own. 

Take note because this marketing mastermind pop-up is hitting the road. Wherever I go for my speaking engagements, I’m going to be doing mastermind pop-ups too. I have no idea where most of you live but if that’s of interest to you and you want me to let you know when I’ll be in your city next, email me back 🙂

With so much love, until next week from North Carolina!



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mmb_devYou HAVE to do this in your business
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