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Welcome to the 25th edition of From V to You, a weekly letter of inspiration, tips, tricks, and behind-the-scenes of how I’m building a business around my personal brand so you can too. If you’ve missed the previous letters, you can always read them here.


Did you make any New Year’s resolutions for your business in 2020??

Social media was flooded with declarations of personal new years resolutions, but like many of you, as an ambitious entrepreneur, I made business resolutions!

BOLD business resolutions.

Goals of not letting my fear of messing up or not measuring up get in the way of me playing BIG in my business.

We do that a lot, don’t we?

  • Play small.
  • Get in our own way.
  • Worry too much of how we’re being perceived or judged.

Letting the fear of failure and rejection choke our words when we go to sell the very thing we believe in the most to the person we feel could use it the most. 

Imagine having total confidence in knowing you’re saying the right words to make the right person buy and say yes to you. Not only do you help your business grow, but you change your customer’s life with your product or service.

Great businesses, including yours, were built to help other people, so why are we doing them and us a disservice by not selling more effectively? Why are we making this all about ourselves when it’s really all about what drives our customers to act?

And one of the most effective, scientifically-based approaches in helping people to make the best decision for them is to tap into the thing that drives them – their aspirations.

I want to show you how to do that.

I want to show you how to make your business resolutions a reality.

I want to teach you how to tap into your customer’s aspirations and grow your business.

Join me on January 22, 2020, at 1 pm EST for a FREE marketing masterclass! It’s called “How to Turn Your Contacts into Customers” and I’ll teach you:

  • The problem with your strategic contacting in today’s online marketplace.
  • Four of the critical elements that define a person’s aspiration, so you don’t lose the sale by assuming incorrectly what they really want.
  • Your top 3 opportunities to connect with a prospective customer – those “connect or bust” moments.

It’s a free, value-packed virtual class that will last less than an hour. Learn what 12 years of marketing experience and over 20+ hours of scientific research and analysis have taught me about putting your customers’ aspirations at the center of all your branding, marketing, and sales efforts.

It’s a SERIOUS gamechanger and I’m SO excited to teach it to you.

Until next Sunday 😉



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mmb_devYour Business Resolutions
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